Love, Accept, Forgive…..

There need only be one Religion


There need only be one Spiritual Movement acceptance.jpg 2

There need only be one lesson


This is all within YOU,

You hold enough Light, Love and Courage to change our world







My promise to my love

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When we fall in love with someone we want to protect our loved one from harm and never ever let them experience pain again. However to do so is to stifle their own path and growth. So in light of all this and my thoughts around how it is that to love is to empower; I put my thoughts into a pen and paper and allowed them to flow.

As is typical for me, this contemplation is an extension of my own life; with the desire to help all to trust in love and life and the beautiful flow of the universe as she supports you on your journey.

My promise to my love:

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Love with abandon…


“Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of Heaven.”
― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

There is no remedy for love but to love more.”
 – Henry David Thoreau

When it comes to love why is it that moving fast and certainty creates doubt in others? People say thread cautiously, prepare for the worst, keep your eyes open; don’t jump in too fast. ….

And yet if you were offered the job of a lifetime the other side of the planet they would say leap; leap far fast.

Funny that because you are far more likely to get chewed up and spat out by a big multinational than a person who just wants to care for you…

One thing is certain when it comes to making choices of the heart life certainly will show up your doubts when you allow the negatives to fester.

So is it wrong to jump in?
Or is jumping in the only way that you can get in?

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What love means….


As an intro it always tests me to share my personal writings. So why do I? Well if what I learn in life as I navigate this path can reach and touch others and help just one person then it is all so worth it. Enjoy…

In the past weeks life has crossed my path with G. A wonderful man who I cannot even justify an attempt to put into descriptive words as our journey is only beginning. And it is the journey that I have felt in my soul for a long time now so when that special person walks into your life with the intention of stepping on that same path with you, and holding your hand to keep you steady; well all I can say is that is truly does create wonder in my whole being at the beauty of this life.

I have always been feisty; deep deep down it is the essence of who I am: a feisty, determined, strong woman (god help him I hear you say!). I have a powerful sense of purpose, fuelled by passion and when I lost my connection with myself, there was always the feeling of there being ‘something more’ that guided me back; more worth, more love, more meaning, more purpose and when life felt all too much that feeling of ‘there are more reasons to why I am here’ made every tear bearable, every step manageable, and every choice for change achievable.

Please promise to love and accept yourself in every moment of your path this far. It is not a case of locking the past in a closet of shame but more so appreciating and being grateful for all that it taught you and for embracing that  part of your past that makes you who you have now become.

Fear teaches you love.
Anxiety shows you direction.
Tears cleanse pain.
Pain identifies that which is not for you.
Loneliness adds bravery to your steps.
Depression gives you time for pause; make it temporary.
Anger identifies your fuel for passion; use it wisely.
Sadness shows you the inner child inside awaiting for you to love and forgive.
Envy highlights that which you may wish to empower in your own life.
Feeling scared often shows you that leaping now is absolutely possible.
Frustration leads to a path more certain.

And meltdown, illness, and fatigue are the most certain signposts  that you could ever ask for to start making choices in new directions.

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beautiful eyes

Your eyes show me your soul,
And tell me a tale of your journey.
I honour you in this fleeting moment.
I see the warrior on a path,
That only you can know where from and to.


I catch a glimpse of you,
And it is breath-taking for me to feel the presence of you.
To sense a part of you
And feel the timelessness of your lifetimes.
And wonder
‘Who is the All of You?’

You are the Time Traveller
The all knoweth yet forgotten.
You carry scars and wounds on your heart,
Although your skin may be unbroken like a baby’s.
There is something more behind your smile,
Oft buried in the solo flight of this existence.

spirit of flight

Occasionally I see your time-line fly by,
If your soul so wants to share.
If she speaks in the language of symbols
That my humble mind can translate.
If only you knew the full wisdom of your knowing.
Maybe you do…… it dances into consciousness in your dream-state.

Stop a moment.
Breathe into your cells.
Sense the All and One that you are.
For the pure in heart shall receive the gifts of the universe.
Where this lifetime and all become One;
And One and All are Love.




Allow me to Fly….

Allow me to fly

Dedicated to all the amazing sensitive persons navigating life and love in this world…….



There is a free spirit in me
That runs where only wild horses go.


A wisdom in me
That flows with the knowledge of time.


A seeing in me that goes beyond
The eagle high in the sky.


A strength of character
More powerful that the lion guarding his pride.


A depth
that reaches beyond worlds, time, and dimensions.


A loving heart purer
Than the first beats of a first-born in a mother’s arms.


My presence is ever with you like a gentle breeze in the
starry night
But allow me to fly.


Allow me to heal my wounds and fly once more…………


Allow me to be the me that goes beyond the pain I have felt in my life, the colour spectrum of deep emotions that scar my heart, the let-downs, the love thrown at me with agenda, the loneliness and the fast beating fear I have felt in moments alone. I nurture these experiences and choose to grow.


Allow me to fly, high;
For I will always return.

feathery_friends Josephine Wall

Feathery Friends by Josephine Wall