Allow me to Fly….

Allow me to fly

Dedicated to all the amazing sensitive persons navigating life and love in this world…….



There is a free spirit in me
That runs where only wild horses go.


A wisdom in me
That flows with the knowledge of time.


A seeing in me that goes beyond
The eagle high in the sky.


A strength of character
More powerful that the lion guarding his pride.


A depth
that reaches beyond worlds, time, and dimensions.


A loving heart purer
Than the first beats of a first-born in a mother’s arms.


My presence is ever with you like a gentle breeze in the
starry night
But allow me to fly.


Allow me to heal my wounds and fly once more…………


Allow me to be the me that goes beyond the pain I have felt in my life, the colour spectrum of deep emotions that scar my heart, the let-downs, the love thrown at me with agenda, the loneliness and the fast beating fear I have felt in moments alone. I nurture these experiences and choose to grow.


Allow me to fly, high;
For I will always return.

feathery_friends Josephine Wall

Feathery Friends by Josephine Wall





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