Thriving as a highly sensitive or empathic person in a busy life

Hello everyone,

I wanted to reach out today and say a few words about being a very sensitive or empathic or highly ‘feeling’ person in our day to day busy lives.


I have written extensively about what does it mean to be an empath or highly sensitive person in the past and have provided insights, advice, and tools in many places on this blog; please explore the links at the bottom of this post to read more. I encourage you to take time reading my words in previous articles; It is important that we get to know ourselves, and with this release hurts, scars and pain from our past.

Why? To embrace the present. Although you may be a highly sensitive person that enjoys peace, solitude and calm this does not mean that you may not also wish to experience life to the full and achieve your dreams and desires in work, play, sport, relationships and more.


How to do this when you have a soul that is so sensitive to an excess of noise, people, chaos, light, clutter, energy, emotions and all the subtle vibrations of life that can accumulate in us to a point of absolute overwhelm is where the challenge lies.

But I don’t believe that any of us should close ourselves off to exploration and experiences for fear of “feeling too much” and becoming hyper-stimulated. Quite the contrary.

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Not all days are easy

Hi Folks,

I was feeling it too last week fellow sensitive travellers. So I decided to just say it all in a blog and help someone out there realise that it is ok to have a less good day…. reach out and connect.




PS things got much better and the follow on to this blog is here:

Trusting again….. when it hurts

I feel things. Some would say this is called being an empath and after years of not knowing what I am I guess this is the closest description of how I feel life. I don’t really care much for labels; so I prefer to call me just ‘me’.

Life has hurt; a lot. People have let me down, men have shattered my faith, family have not understood me, and in business I have had more rides than I desire to count. I cannot say I did anything wrong; I just trusted too much that the world was like me. It turns out it’s often not.

All these experiences have moulded me. I have done my best to open my heart to accept the lessons and to grow; isn’t that why we are here?

There is a deeper knowledge to be gained when you accept all your experiences and then move forward with an awareness that we do have choice. We have freedom to choose; our choices can empower us or enslave us….


The hardest thing about being a sensitive is that hurts hurt so deeply that every part of your being wants to lock out any possible chance of feeling hurt again. The walls go up and a place of absolute numbness maintains a state of safety. It doesn’t feel good in here; but neither does it feel. If I’m locked in, then you are locked out. And when we don’t feel; we cannot hurt. But neither can we let our love shine through and an empath that does not feel safe to love; feels lost.

Most don’t understand this place. They will think that you are sulking or creating some drama or being childish. If only they understood that this locked in place is the ONLY place that feels safe. Or more accurately it is safe because you can no longer feel; you cannot feel their anger, hurt, disappointment, or the fear of uncertainty. It feels terrifying and often impossible to let the walls of protection back down. Once you are in there…. numbness takes over everything.

hug teddy

At the same time your mind will become a place of endless circles of confusion.

Why do humans do such hurtful things?
Why are people so thoughtless and selfish?

How can people say words that are so cruel?
Why does no one understand that my heart loves so much and I try so hard and I do so much to make this world a better place?
Why does no one see how hard I am trying?

I don’t understand……………….
It’s my fault……

My head will go numb with confusion over how people can inflict such hurt, such cruel words, such punishment over not getting their way. Words of anger, jealousy and manipulation cut like a knife in my heart and I am left wondering what have I done? That it must be me and my fault that this person is hurting me? I must in some way be broken….

So I spent a life time thinking I was no good; and that I must fix myself and be better, smarter, thinner, prettier… anything but the person that I was. So I hid myself; I pretended I was someone else… or more correctly; I hid myself so far from you ever seeing who I was.

I never understood that for most of my life it was others people’s stuff…. and even now that I do (know better); when you get better at feeling the world and all its uncertainty and insanity it still feels right through you.

People still do and say hurtful things, words still cut through you and everything still feels ever so deeply; but the ways I have learnt to cope have become better, and positive. I learnt to thrive in a world that still felt bonkers. Soon it started to feel ok to feel things. Life felt better from a place of feeling rather than a place of numb.

The bosom of mother nature and all her animals and birds helped me trust again; the wind in the trees whispered encouragement. Even the soft rain on my face now tells me I am ok; I am safe now.
I can slowly trust again and the universe will watch out for me….
It took me time so be patient with yourself.


Some days I don’t get it perfect. Some days I will roll up into a ball and pretend I am invisible. Some days I have no strength to reach out or let someone close. Some days I don’t want to be here; and then I remember that I am here for a reason and to trust in this. Sometimes I still want to shut people out; some days the smallest trigger leads me to lock out the very people who I can now trust. It is hard to fully forget the traumas of the past; yet that is where they are; behind me.

When I feel this way I will go out in nature; for a hike or bike or just to sit by trees or water. Nature is a powerful rebalancer and healer.


Even the people who love me will never truly understand the depths of my love for them, the distance I would walk for them, the belief that I have in them and the energy that I use to protect them. I understand now that its ok to not be understood; I am more comfortable now knowing they don’t get how life scares me and how some days the feelings and emotions are too much. I know that while not many will love to the same depth; they still love. I know that many will see my fears and anxieties as daft; they don’t feel it as I do. I am ok being ‘weird’.

I know that there are so many out there that grow tired and wearisome of feeling the world and her people; mother nature and her pain.

Be strong my fellow travellers; for there is a gift in this sensitivity.

You will feel the sun rise before the dawn;
You will see the soul in everyone’s eyes;
You will be touched closely by the animal world;
And hear the words in a baby’s smile.

You are held dear and safe by the invisible.
Open your eyes now and see it as it is.
Set yourself free and allow your heart guide you;
Breathe deeply into the safety of Life;

Trust that some day some one will make it worth taking down the walls and relearning trust.
Let them in…


open your eyes




PS some helpful resources

Feeling the world as an empath….

Hang in there…..Smile


Being so sensitive in a world that feels so very heavy and dense can on some days feel terribly overwhelming. I struggle often to understand people and life; the hurt, the words that cut you, trust broken: it just doesn’t make sense….

I have been meaning to put together a blog on being sensitive and what this means and the strategies that I use to help keep me grounded and able to keep pushing myself out there and the time has just failed me. I will; I promise.

Every day people hit this more private blog of mine using the search tool ’empath’ and my heart feels sad that I have not written more. Once I have my new clinic up and running I will get a pen to paper and write… from the depths of my heart to yours.

For now I wanted to reach out and say the following:


You are not alone;
There are many like you that walk this path.
They will come into your life like angels;
they will hug you, hold you, and then allow you fly on.


Why? Because you are strong enough to soar;
they are simply here to remind you.
And you remind them of all that they are.
Your soul family may be scattered far across the globe but remember they are indeed close…when you reach out.


Some day true love will want to hold you close;
Allow it in.
You will know the One that is safe to allow close to your fragile scared heart.
It will not be easy; but it will be worth it.


They will see the flower that you are.
The huge heart that loves unconditionally.
They will heal past wounds,
And encourage you to walk your true path.


Many others will cross your path to teach you, challenge you, expand you and help you to make Life choices.
Often these experiences burst you open and feel like hurt.
Thank them and let them go.


Learn to forgive….
don’t hold onto what pains you in your heart.
Many on this journey are not so sensitive as you.
See everyone as on a path and doing the best they can.

Many don’t see life with the same eyes as you;
Or feel words in the form of energy that you feel;
Or know inner truth as you sense.
Nor can they know how fragile your tender heart.

Don’t take things so personally………..
Not many hurt in their hearts so much as you.
So few hear the said and the unsaid, both sides of a conversation; both sides of the argument.
Not many understand the confusion of daily life that can at times overwhelm your mind….


Accept the multitude of personalities and embrace their differences.
Let go over-thinking every detail.
See the full spectrum of human behaviours,
and KNOW that everyone is perfect including you.


Don’t let your heart close,
or build walls that block your love.
The world needs your loving energy more than ever.
Don’t drown in the negative that at times seems everywhere.


Instead feel the warm colours of the sun and the softness of the rain.
Notice the song of the birds and feel the hum of nature.
Breath in the flowers as they blossom and the scents of cut grass.
Allow your senses expand with the wonder of Nature.
Beautiful Nature Screensaver 1.0


Become comfortable in the buzz of people on their busy way.
Notice the good in life.
Feel hope.
Notice the wonder in children and wisdom in our elderly.

beautiful eyes

Stop a moment and trust.
Feel it through you that all is well.
Allow love in; but be discerning.
Be yourself and know it is enough.


Honour that you will need space;
walk barefoot on the grass,
spend time by water,
Allow tears fall when your soul desires to release…….


You are stronger than the heart that beats fast in your chest with fear.
You are enough; you are not broken.
And although you may feel the world through you some days;
Know that this too will pass.


You are so deeply loved and always supported…

shine your light

Love Andrea


The journey of the highly sensitive person


I am feeling that the time is nigh for getting a blog together on being a highly sensitive person, or empath and how this path feels. There are so many other words that one can use, the indigo, crystal or rainbow. I believe also that there are many channelling Christs light also and star seed people.

I prefer to see us all as individuals on our own path and unique in our own very important gifts….. gifts with a purpose that are special for each and every person.

However I know that my insights may reach many….

Would it help you, for me to write my experiences, and loving support….to share more from my heart to help you?

Please let me know………..

Weep for the World - artist Josephine Wall

Weep for the World – artist Josephine Wall

Love Andrea

None of us can know what’s ‘right’ for someone,
adults and children alike are all on their own path of
learning and experience ( life adventure ).

Our ‘job’ is to love… That’s all.
And honour our path.
And honour their path.
And love…unconditionally.

Be love.

Life is all about learning how to follow our intuition and inner knowing…
There is an experience in the mess ups as much as the success….
In each one we find ourselves closer to our path.


Allow love……………….


Allow me to Fly….

Allow me to fly

Dedicated to all the amazing sensitive persons navigating life and love in this world…….



There is a free spirit in me
That runs where only wild horses go.


A wisdom in me
That flows with the knowledge of time.


A seeing in me that goes beyond
The eagle high in the sky.


A strength of character
More powerful that the lion guarding his pride.


A depth
that reaches beyond worlds, time, and dimensions.


A loving heart purer
Than the first beats of a first-born in a mother’s arms.


My presence is ever with you like a gentle breeze in the
starry night
But allow me to fly.


Allow me to heal my wounds and fly once more…………


Allow me to be the me that goes beyond the pain I have felt in my life, the colour spectrum of deep emotions that scar my heart, the let-downs, the love thrown at me with agenda, the loneliness and the fast beating fear I have felt in moments alone. I nurture these experiences and choose to grow.


Allow me to fly, high;
For I will always return.

feathery_friends Josephine Wall

Feathery Friends by Josephine Wall