There is a lesson and an opportunity in everything….

Preamble – I wrote this short piece for athletes that I work with as a reminder to them to work with their bodies and see the positives even in the most negative of injury situations. I guess that my own little ankle sprain and road roasties from a running fall in South Africa prompted me to some inner thinking time and a reflection on the journey for those with injuries across the spectrum of minor to serious. I was overwhelmed by the level of fatigue noted in my body, and also the degree of healing once I allowed the rest to happen and the additional calorie intake as prompted by appetite. Your body is always working with you, when you let it.

xx Andrea

There is a lesson and an opportunity in everything; especially in the events that don’t turn out as expected.



Doesn’t it feel like a never-ending roller coaster some-days? One that you are more than capable of rising to? and over-coming? and growing from? Life doesn’t throw it at you if you cannot handle it you always get through – but it requires having your eyes open. There is a skill in being able to shift your mindset to what opportunity and growth is here rather than feeling a victim to our circumstances.

This morning I feel frustrated. I ONLY have a sprained ankle and roasties – not much in the greater context of life – but I am feeling fed up of feeling sore, of sleep being sore and of feeling tired. SO – I have a choice here to effectively ruin my Saturday holding it all in, or to just express it and then get on with it.

It is ok to feel emotions, but most of us only sort of feel them and they fester away in a less than good mood for most of the day. We also tend to spill these feelings out in reactions against other people (which isn’t fair on them).

What if you can actually allow the emotions?

If you express the emotions they will have less of a hold on you. It is good to feel and express emotions like anger, sadness, fear, overwhelm, and all across the ‘feelings’ spectrum…. just chose when and how wisely! It is not good to hold them in, they come out in other ways, most often as an attack on others, an attack on ourselves, or through the body in an illness, or niggle like a headache, pain, eating problems, depression, etc.

Start to develop an awareness of how the mind, emotions, and the body interconnect. Then as you master this skill you will be able to unfold things in the other direction; that being when a symptom can be unravelled back to the source. The true source. It is always fascinating to me how when I really dig deep health issues can often be complicated and triggered by deeply held emotions; I see it in clients all the time. We hold the emotions more often than not when we are strong; it is not a weakness.

So lessons learnt? I’ll share a few of mine if you please go and take this example as an increased awareness in your own life.

1. when the body is injured, just as when it is ill, it goes into sickness mode. Inflammation leaves you feeling lethargic, hungry, fed up and unmotivated. Long term injury I would assume leaves the athlete at greater risk of depression so be mindful to place things in your day to keep you positive.

Learning to shift you focus to the good things in life is an acquired skill. You must practice. Feeling a victim doesn’t lead to fast healing. You have to work with and believe in your body. I mean REALLY WORK WITH YOUR BODY TO THE EXTENT OF USING VISUALISATION AS A STRATEGY AND GRATITUDE AS A RESPONSE TO ALL THAT YOUR BODY IS DOING.

2. When injured the natural reaction of the athlete is to eat less…. NO….. your body is working super hard to heal itself and to do this it needs nutrition IE FOOD… the construction material to regenerate and the co-workers to assist.

This means energy, protein (amino acids), vitamins, minerals (these are structural and functional), plant antioxidants, healthy fats like omega 3 to regulate the inflammation process and any specifics that are related to the injury. For example I have a ligament sprain so soft tissue nutrients like gelatin and vitamin C are helpful for me.

3. Work intuitively with your body. You need to honour the nudges for rest or movement, strapping or to allow some movement stimulate strength, inflammation modulation, hot and cold to encourage circulation, manipulation such as osteopathic or chiropractic, physiotherapy or massage, sleep and rest versus get up off your ass and move. etc. What does your intuition say? This is something that no coach or therapist can have as profoundly as your own; so share your thoughts and work together on healing your body. DON’T EXPECT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

4. Healing modalities such as energy remedies (I make my own range of plant and tree remedies for clients and mixed up a blend of oak, scots pine and rose to assist healing), pulsed electromagnetic frequency fields (IMRS 2000 or Bemer etc), aromatherapy (powerful for healing I use Young Living Panaway), herbs (both topical and taken internally), reiki, kinesiology, and so on; use what draws your attention.

5. That there is a difference between an athlete injury and an accident injury – think about it.

6. Belief…… if you are going through a significant injury healing process a little part of you will believe in the power of your body to heal far beyond that of any surgeon or expert. If your body says it is possible, and your mind believes it, then make it happen and don’t give up.

Find the silver linings today and if you are fit and healthy then take a moment and say thanks; not to the powers out there but to the powers within you. That little body and all the things it does every day is a miracle. One that science in truth knows so little about.

I mean think about it; each little cell and molecule knows what to do, how to regenerate and how to respond… simply WOW.


Some silver linings are detailed in my photos.

After my little fall we had some free time and used this to visit Chintsa East soup kitchen; click here to read the story


Breathe in the NOW and let go


Hi Folks,

I wanted to reach out today and say hello with a short message from Hawaii. I sat on Honl’s beach off Ali’i drive this morning for as many hours as it took me to start to let go; and feel my way back into the subtle energies of the world. Here was my beautiful view, stunning eh?

I hope that in my words, there are a many loving nudges for you to accept into your heart space.

Breathe in the Now and let go.


We all control things in life. No matter how far we think we may have journeyed along the path; there is always some more letting go to be done. Maybe allow it to be a fascinating journey into yourself; one with many ah-ha and amusing moments, as well as tears of release mingled into wanting to fight or resist what is for us.

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Sedona energies….

A message to my lovely empathic and highly sensitive friends.

thunder 10


So today I really got to discover, in its truthful way what the energy vortex effect of Sedona is. It is NOT a tour, a thing you can buy in expensive jewellry, Atlantean charged pieces of $$$ necklaces, or a stone; it is an energy felt by the most sensitive souls, in the least expected moments as the world calls for healing and help and for those able to listen, to feel this right through their core.

I am a science minded person; however the past years of my life have taught me to trust also in what I feel, and pay less heed to common opinion or what I am TOLD I am going to feel when I go somewhere. The body feels truth and the mind understands it in ways that the thinking brain often cannot assimilate. Sometimes you just have to feel things and be content in that knowing.

Coming to Sedona I have chosen to feel my way into this place rather than research it to death or believe every word I am told. The truth will come in its own way.

There is no doubt that there is a special energy here; and you can feel it when you get away from the (non-local) people. Nature speaks loudly here, the natural beauty of the location is simply breath-taking, the mountain formations talk a language of an age submerged in waters. For me stones and rocks and sacred sites have always had a powerful impact on my well-being and somehow focus me to where I am supposed to be in thoughts or no thoughts – at home in Ireland my go to places are mountains and old ancient burial cairns or circles.

However there is something more going on here also; and this I am slowly easing my way into. I am not an environmental scientist, engineer, or geologist. So this is my observance from intuition.

There is a phenomenal amount of minerals in the ground, mountains and formations here; of note iron and quartz. Both these minerals will hold electromagnetic / magnetic charges (if you doubt this google the use of minerals in technology; even look at your watch it may be driven by a quartz crystal or open your circuit board and have a look. e.g.; things are an unusual shape here and there is a lot of water under the ground. Even the forestry here will add its count of negative ions to the mix and I am sure that there are ley lines and geopathic stresses going on also.

It would be my guess that this sets us up for some interesting and yet subtle energy fields notably where the geometries form more significant ‘shapes’ (conducting patterns). Sacred geometries have been well-studied and permeate our cultures through time. Think pyramids, New Grange, Glastonbury abbey, labyrinths, Rosslyn chapel, and almost every significant temple or sacred place globally; they are all constructed as such for a very real and significant reason. And it is not just for looks!

We are also in a place where healers come together and reside. The real deal authentic heart centred gifted persons. I can see their challenge to ground on a daily basis amongst the tourist masses. The more you feel; the more you are going to be shook with more feeling as energetic and emotional clutter hits this town in the frenzy.

But also I am starting to understand in my own feeling experiences that there is something deeper going on. Mother Earth is a complex system of life and energy and it is all connected in a spider web more complex than any human can ever know for sure….. what is being sent and being sensed here is not by chance.

So in my truth radar I sense that the global consciousness is amplified by the vast number of aware peoples here, the earth ground consciousness and the matrix that binds us all together is more potent here due to  how earth can direct and move these energies in an effort for balance…

Mother Nature is trying to heal; our planet is trying to heal…. and the seekers and knowers of truth and those ‘feeling it’ well in ways it is a case of “should you choose to accept this mission”….. because what we can all agree on is that our world is in need of changes or we are going to soon reach the point of no return.

View from airport mesa

Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely LOVING my experience here; however I hadn’t expected the energies to pound my centre quite so dramatically as it was finally explained to me that the unstable emotions, tears, and desire to get on a plane to South Africa into loving hugs hit me hard today. I have been feeling so emotional, lost, confused, anxious and bombarded by the energies of the USA and the endless tourists in this town; wherever the healing energy of Sedona was she was either hiding or ripping me apart in some deep emotions. I was stuck somewhere between is this mine or is this everywhere else.

And it felt so odd because I was up at 630 am this morning in a total flow of creativity and inspiration for my work before another wallop of intense feelings hit me. What a contrast and more than a little confusing!

thunder 6

I felt people ‘coming at me’ with anger bombs, judgements, and just in the masses of tourists and not even a place to park; and despite my learnt ability to accept things and people as they are I was reacting for longer than normal, feeling shaken more than normal, and getting triggered to the point of being over-reactive with the one person that I love and trust most; my boy. Then on top of that comes the shame and embarrassment of not being stronger, more tolerant, and less of an emotional idiot.

It took crying on a bathroom floor full of water (yep done by muppet me) soothed by Veena and Ciardha today (experienced souls in the ways of Sedona) to be shown how the vortex effect of Sedona’s sacred sites amplifies all the energies and messages of the universe. You believe it when you feel it and I can only say how grateful I am for the support and words of encouragement.

I knew there was a reason I hadn’t wanted to venture far from Thunder mountain and it would seem that she is quite the special place as told me by Ciadhra so now I understand the intuitions that I have had to spend time either running her roads or trekking up into her mountain trails. And now I have been guided to a few new places of  solitude for time outs and prayer (in my own way).

thunder 2

The point of my writing isn’t whoopee here we go all about me;
It isn’t about us coming together to bitch about what we are feeling,
Or doing that empath victim thing.

The point is that we are feeling.


Some message from the world….

And what are we going to do about it?

Here are my words for you today; IF you are somewhere and feeling it DON’T give up, remind yourself of your strength and dig within for the meaning and actions that come from these emotions…. there is nothing that is too daft or weird as an answer or an action…. just do it in your own heart-centred way and you cannot go wrong. Think farther than yourself; how does how you feel relate to the bigger picture? For me I was feeling our worlds pain….

Each one of our actions marries that of each other and amplifies in its effects…. something more, synergism, magic and cosmic mystery…. bottom line let’s make this world a better place; she needs us right now and feeling sorry for ourselves, hating the world, fighting against people and complaining ain’t gonna make this world a better place; worse in fact and especially worse in your reality if that is all you see.

Open your eyes; your all-seeing eyes:

thunder 9


PS. there is always a place that we can go, a thing we can do, or someone we can talk to, to help bring us back into our safe heart space and the truth of the situation. If you can drop everything then go and be there.

The one thing that always gives me important emotional grounding and spiritual connection is my running. Yesterday I was blessed to see a road-runner peg it across the road right in front of me; apparently a rare sighting. In the past days I have also seen a red cardinal, a brewer’s blackbird, I had a bird of prey circle right over my head; and a cohort of quail crossing the road. When I notice these gifts from the universe I know in my heart that I am in some way present and paying heed despite how at times I do may get overwhelmed in the drama.



A day after writing this I listened to this video blog from Lee Harris and it is one worth listening to.

Find your truth within

Hi everybody,

A quick check in from Sedona with some words that hopefully hit the hearts where it is needed most.

Oh and i saw my first live roadrunner bird today!!


PS the feature image is of an Indian paintbrush flower. A beautiful flower whose energy I am planning on adding into a healing energy essence before I leave. She is all about letting down walls, the ones that we used to protect ourselves with and now feeling safe to express the inner joy-filled child.


Much Love,



Sedona Day 1 and 2: Medicine Wheel and Spiritual Voyaging

Hello everyone;

I have been busy here in Sedona so my blogs may be a little erratic and more frequent in video form to keep you posted on my adventures. I will work backwards as things are fresher in my mind this way.

If you wish to skip to the video blogs here they are; they are me being me.

Firstly I absolutely MUST give my Airbnb hostess Veena a big shout out as her apartment is truly fabulous. I am blessed beyond belief to have found this gem of a place to call home for 18 days. Right now I am writing in the comfort of my room looking over the mountains with the cool breeze of evening bringing the hot day to a pleasant close.

If you are visiting Sedona please consider Veena as your hostess. Here is the link to Sedona Casa Harmony.

castus flower 2

Cactus flower (as Clint kindly informed me based on my description) spoke to me in dreams before I got here so excited to explore this little lady when she blooms. She holds potent healing energy medicine.

Day 2

Medicine Wheel

medicine wheel

Traditional Medicine Wheel

Today was a truly profound day and I was honoured with performing my medicine wheel. This is a ceremony to honour my life, ask for healing help and ‘Medicine’ and give deep gratitude to my spirit ancestors, guides and animal spirits for their answering my prayers and healing, assisting, guiding and supporting me in my journey. I am not Native Indian (!! as you know), so I feel truly honoured to partake in this sacred ritual.

I don’t have words that are sufficient in meaning, eloquence, or depth to describe the beauty of my experience. Or words to convey the emotions felt as Clint guided me through what it is to conduct a traditional Medicine Wheel Ceremony. The gratitude in Clint’s heart for my being and those in our support; and my experience of joining with his spiritual beliefs and traditional ways were profound. To feel the meaning of Lakota words in prayer and thanks combined with the beating of drum resonating with my heart reminded me to walk a conscious path of gratitude… because you can never be grateful enough for all that comes to us.

I cannot provide a description of the Medicine Wheel that will do it justice. From what I understand I had my feet deep in Mother Earth; she grounded me and held me safe, and I was covered and protected by Father Sky; the cosmos and the energy of sun a vital form of energy for me (and us).

I always feel more connected when I am bathed in sun. The Medicine Wheel offered to me the opportunity to connect with ritual and bring harmony, balance and alignment into my life. Engaging in the ceremony called to my soul, affirmed who I am through my past experiences, and gave me clarity regarding my Path and Journey. I was given the opportunity to feel the Great Spirits and my own ancestors (and Celtic roots) because I called upon them to bring healing to my body and mind and connect me even more deeply to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The Medicine Wheel is a circle; there are four quadrants and Clint showed me how to see this as a representation of my life. Quite quickly I saw how this would correlate to the segments of my life journey (past, present, and future all connected in one circle is what I saw) and so I embraced what I saw ahead and stepped into the wheel and my “journey”.

I won’t lie, it felt rather odd in my being to have a ceremony of such importance about ‘my’ life. And when called to verbally express myself I found this quite the challenge.

However I am here for me; so it felt right to ‘get over myself’ and embrace my opportunity to acknowledge the journey of my life, my steps thus far; to offer thanks and gratitude as I saw the deeper meaning from my third eye and heart space of each quadrant of my life.

It was not by chance that the third quadrant, my now was full of young shoots ready for life.

I moved around the circle in my own way many times; supported by prayer, song and chanting from my dear guide Clint. The wind whipped up some gusts at humorously apt moments and the smoking sage apparently moved with me as I transitioned the quadrants. I was so deep in my space and close to the ground that I was oblivious to both this and the Hummingbird that joined us.


Are you ready to become who you were meant to be?
There was once a time when you used to dream big.
So what happened to all those dreams?

I also had an army of ants in the circle quadrant legs moving pieces of dead and burnt wood towards the circle’s heart.


Encountering an ant you should consider that all good things come with time, and effort.
Work with diligence, with conviction, and work with others in order to forge your dreams and turn them into reality.
Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages.

When animals appear it is always a nudge from spirit. Hummingbird and Ant have their own symbolic meaning and I made sure to take note. I always find these spirit symbols when they walk into my life intriguing; especially because today a main priority for me in my journey was to see my life through the lens of love and purity, to be completely present in my being and to bring to the front of my consciousness the meaning in a positive note of experiences in every quadrant of my life. And to celebrate and give thanks for this. It would seem that Hummingbird is in agreement.

As for Ant, well I am ready to shine all that I am to the world and no longer hold fear. If there is work to be done I am not shrinking from this and will work hard to be the best version of myself in all capacities to nurture, help and assist all who come my way for health, clarity, healing, and support.

medicine wheel 2

Note Clint to my right preparing us for opening ceremony with the Medicine Wheel. We burn sage to cleanse, and offer tobacco in gratitude and thanks.

I recorded a message today for everyone that talks more about my Day (2) today and also yesterday (1) Follow the link here to my YouTube channel

Healing Journey with Michelle

This morning I was blessed to share heart space with Michelle; Clint’s wife. I want to keep this blog from being over long so my brief words here are not related in any way to the significance of this mornings session.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of seeking people in your life that understand, support and nurture you on your journey. Michelle provided a heart centred space for me to ‘be’ that provided me with more clarity, confidence and faith in my self and my journey than she probably knows…..but as the beautiful sensitive being that she is, she probably does! Thank you Michelle. 
Images taken from today

Day 1

Was a long day! I have touched on it all in my vblog.
I had a lovely run in the morning cool before the sun spiked the temperatures; allowing me to see the town and settle my soul into my soles 🙂
I got to finally meet Clint Frakes after months of personal and fun correspondence. It was such a gift to have Clint come into my life these past months and today we visited Oak Creek, Cathedral Rock and also the Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park.
Not only did we spend time in journey, meditation and Mother Earth’s garden I was also introduced to some of the indigenous plants. Arizona Sycamore, Prickly Pear and Desert Barberry resonated strongly with me and will be studied and added to the tool kit.
That’s it for now!
Much love

sedona 10

New hat; essential for Sedona. And if anyone knows a good method for washing the red sand out of your socks please let me know!