The Love of my Heart…


The Love of my heart

for you is as certain as the morning birdsong

sang from the tree tops at dawn

in melodies only heart knows

The Love of my heart

is as forever as the blue skies are endless

touching snow capped mountain peaks

and galaxies far

The Love of my heart

beats as surely as my first breath to last

it is the breath of my life

The Love of my heart

surrounds you at all times with a rainbow of light

that mingles and dances and paints a tapestry

of you in my life

The Love of my heart

holds your heart in mine

all times I am there

surrounding and loving you

The Love of my heart

whispers always to you

bear hugs you

dreams through you

loves you…………..


Free Healing…..

april 16 hApril 16th 2014

Note: The photos from this blog are taken this week by myself (countryside today out on my walk) and by my friend Mark Flynn (awesome shots of the seaside); to show  that what we notice every day is what matters (to us). Not what is photo shopped and contrived. Nature speaks all around you; when you become present and feel her.

I am feeling blessed to get out in the sunshine today with my ‘dog-panion’ Millie.

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