Free Healing…..

april 16 hApril 16th 2014

Note: The photos from this blog are taken this week by myself (countryside today out on my walk) and by my friend Mark Flynn (awesome shots of the seaside); to show  that what we notice every day is what matters (to us). Not what is photo shopped and contrived. Nature speaks all around you; when you become present and feel her.

I am feeling blessed to get out in the sunshine today with my ‘dog-panion’ Millie.

I hope you also get this opportunity to absorb some energizing solar rays. I make a rule of getting out into the sun when it shines due to its vital importance for mental, physical and spiritual health.

I ‘think’ when I am out in nature; often quite deeply. This doesn’t come as a surprise to many that know me! But more often than not I tune out completely from my thoughts and into receiving the wisdom that is meant to float by in my thoughts. Or answers to questions that I have been rattling around in my logical mind come easily to me while in the stillness of nature or the meditation of running or walking. A bit like leaves in the wind, they fly about without my directing them.

If I am lucky I catch them and remember them; I know they hit somewhere deeper and they make sense at the time but don’t ask me to recount them. Writing these words reminded me of the most beautiful piece of camera work that I have ever seen. Something so ordinary and unnoticed can have a profound effect on one’s heart. This piece captivates and suddenly nothing matters….

I don’t believe the answers come in isolating yourself in a room meditating or in a cold church praying although there are so many times when this is of benefit for many reasons. However for me, my church is nature, and my desire to be a better person a 24/7. I feel more strongly connected and closer to spirit in the great outdoors where spirit speaks to me though every colour, sound, movement, and life form. And I wanted to share this with you as so many people beat themselves up over not being able to meditate or stop the incessant thoughts.

If you become present you see so much; today I saw the first swallows of Summer, two lady birds on a heart-shaped leaf, new born calves basking in the sun, I sat under the forest canopy and listened to a private symphony of bird song; and I sat on a tyre swing in the busy silence of the river.

Play like a child

Play like a child

Meditation and prayer often scares people and removes them from the belief that they can find this so-called zen, peace, higher consciousness, God, or whatever it is that you seek to connect to…. the thoughts of failing in this task stops many from even trying. I cannot turn my thoughts off for 2 seconds never mind 20 minutes when forced to sit still; and I am a relatively peaceful person.

Meditation frustration?

Meditation frustration?

I believe the answers come in opening all your senses and awareness to the natural world and immersing yourself in the awesome healing powers of nature.

Healing for your mind and body can happen sitting still in a field, while out getting your hands mucky in the garden, by a stream, in between the tress of a forest, in the evening silence of a city park, or sitting by the crashing waves of the sea-shore.

You can also achieve this tranquil state out walking, cycling, paddle boarding, and other repetitive meditative type sports and activities.

You are not searching in the silence but receiving in the noise of nature in all it’s spectrum of light, sound, colour, and energy. Free healing!! Many pay hundreds of dollars and euros to receive state of the art therapies using frequencies that are abundant in nature.

FREE healing frequencies are found in colour, sound, water, trees, and life…. free to you whenever and wherever… wow!!

Lucky us; more incentive to take every chance that you can to soak it all up.

If you have a loved one feeling under the weather or depressed, or is not mobile. Do all you can to help them be present in Mother Nature’s healing space….. it may be the best gift you can give them….

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