Our Team

The team at A-C Health Solutions is made up of three energetic ladies, with strengths and gifts to complement one another.

Andrea Cullen

I am the lead therapist and owner of the company. A-C Health Solutions is in its tenth year and is very much a baby of mine and it embraces all of my core beliefs and ethics. However, the new vision for the company is that of ‘team’, and I have not looked back after Deirdre joined the company a year ago and more recently Emma to make us three.

My aim is for us to work together as a team on every clients health such that our combined knowledge, care, and that little bit of extra healing magic means that your journey with us is even more special.

The company philosophy is simply to lead you along the path to return you to health in every aspect, within and without, physically and spiritually.

Deirdre Doyle Quigley

Deirdre Doyle Quigley is Personal Assistant to Andrea and is your first point of contact on email and phone. Deirdre coordinates your personal journey as well as keeping Andrea and Emma in check!

Emma O’Connell

Emma O’Connell is a skilled nutritional therapist and works closely with Andrea to provide seamless care for all our clients. Emma’s role is to ensure that you are supported every step of the way with your healing nutrition programme and will provide practical tips as well as problem solving along the way.

We expect for the journey for every patient to be different and so it is important to us that you are not just another generic diet and nutrition plan. We work with you to educate you to know how to make permanent and life transforming changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Most of all we prefer to not take ourselves too seriously; after all:


On behalf of the team,




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