The most beautifully written piece about the peace of healing

This article is one of the most beautiful pieces that I have yet read detailing the healing voyage. I don’t need to clutter this with any words that detract from its perfection.

Enjoy how these words feel, and integrate them into your being: The Midwives of Integration written by MATT LICATA

“Never, ever give up on love. It will never, ever give up on you.”

Much love,


1 Corinthians 13


Change is always for the better…..

What do you see when presented with change?

Loss or opportunity?
Do you fear or flow?
Resist or surrender?
Freeze or play your cards?

Life isn’t supposed to stay the same.
The rivers of time alter their course often;
And the greater our ability to rise to the opportunities of change, then the richer our life experience becomes.

It is human nature to feel more comfortable in certainty.
But certainty will eventually feel boring, stuck, and lacking.
Deep down we crave growth, excitement, challenge and yes CHANGE.


Let go and trust that there is a greater force filling your sails through these cross-winds of change.

Trust and it may just be the greatest adventure!


When changes presents and it feels like a cloud of fear paralyzing your heart; take a moment to sit back, take some distance and a new perspective and find the silver lining.