Trust, illness and the Body’s wisdom…

Hi Folks,

Here is a new Video blog reminding you to trust in yourself, your body, and the deep inner wisdom that is a part of who you are….



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Not all days are easy

Hi Folks,

I was feeling it too last week fellow sensitive travellers. So I decided to just say it all in a blog and help someone out there realise that it is ok to have a less good day…. reach out and connect.




PS things got much better and the follow on to this blog is here:

Shine your light

…..and tour of Andrea’s clinic


Hi Folks,

Here is another short video blog taken last week where I wanted to remind you just how easy it is so shine your light in the world. If you only knew the difference that you make to other people then you would see just how important it is to share all that you are with the world.

I have also included a little peak tour of the clinic in Castletroy; come and visit!


Much love,


Watch your thoughts…..

Hi folks,

I am starting to create a lot more video blogs as I know that you are all time crunched and this way you can listen to my words of support and reassurance as you do other things.

Here is one recorded recently about watching your thoughts and being kind to yourself. We can really stick the knife into our own backs with our words and why would you when your belief in yourself is what makes you fly and is the way the world sees you.


I would LOVE your feedback,

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PS this photo is in memory of my precious Millie, who left in deep sleep in my arms one week previous to this video. She will be forever in my heart and made some very special journeys with me in the time I was gifted with her. Thank you Millie.



How bad do you want it?

This is superb article that I came across today; it is worth a read, a ponder, and then applying to your own life 🙂

Click the link the read the full article from quartz; here’s a taster:

If I ask you, “What do you want out of life?” and you say something like, “I want to be happy and have a great family and a job I like,” it’s so ubiquitous that it doesn’t even mean anything.

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Heart Hologramming who you are

Commit to this healing practice for a time and watch your life change for the better

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions

Here is a nice article written by the HeartMath Institute; worth a read if healing, health, contentment, and abundance is something you are chasing in your life.

Click the link here to read more:

Much love



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A message to women….

This message is for the amazing women out there and also speaks to the hearts of all highly sensitive persons.

josephine wall

This message woke me up this morning after I finally got to sleep. My sleep has been very broken of late; it is like I am feeling the energy of the world and it is awake; awake and worrying. So I am awake too; not worrying but just feeling it all. Upon waking this morning I just felt like I should speak not really knowing where it would all go. Please listen and enjoy I believe that this contains important words for you to hear.

and part II

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New Year “Be All You”…

Hello my friends,

Here is a voice recording taken yesterday after I was prompted on my run to reach out. While running all the words flowed and made sense and of course when I later hit the record button I had absolute word loss; so this is attempt three and it is still a little awkward; apologies!

For the tourists out there we stayed in Clifden in an amazing little find from airbnb called Helen’s Hideaway. I cannot recommend more highly this cozy, spacious, and beautifully decorated apartment right in the heart of Clifden.

Andrea 3

Less windy Sunday view from our apartment

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