How to get into your zen…….

Are you afraid that you don’t meet the criteria to achieve spirituality?

Worried that it takes time, money, and effort to achieve peaceful inner-being and connection to source?

tree swing

Spirituality and all things zen seem to be increasingly separatist and elitist or something you have to pay for or be a member of a group or follow a guru….
You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it.   ~Pat Obuchowski

You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it. ~Pat Obuchowski

Whispered dreams by artist Josephine Wall

Might I suggest some simple ways to tap into that state of being and contentment?

Firstly it would be amiss of me to not mention finding
a state of love.
Think of all that you are grateful for
today and in your life.
Watch nature all around you.
Feel the weather.
Feel how amazing it is to be alive right now,
And all that is going on in your body in every second
Feel love….



1 Play with your children; I mean play like you are a kid… Get lost in a child’s mind.


2 Garden, tend to your plants, or sit at one with nature and all its alive stillness.
This plaque was in my Granny Rae's garden

This plaque was in my Granny Rae’s garden

3 Listen to uplifting music.
Call me odd but I love uplifting trance dance music!


4 Be creative – whatever that may be; for me it’s writing and cooking.

5 Play a musical instrument.

6 Get moving in the great outdoors; be it walking, hiking, biking, sailing, running and so on…


7 Spend time really present with your loved one.

8 Spend time with animals.

9 Take a power nap and ask to connect to your inner wisdom.

10 Visit a church; it doesn’t matter what religion it is or you are.
I visited a church last night at 9 pm just for peace and clarity. I’m not strongly religious however churches have calm peaceful loving energy ( wrap warm!)
For those not great at switching off watch an inspiring and uplifting movie.That’s not a stretch too far for any of us!!!





The journey of the highly sensitive person


I am feeling that the time is nigh for getting a blog together on being a highly sensitive person, or empath and how this path feels. There are so many other words that one can use, the indigo, crystal or rainbow. I believe also that there are many channelling Christs light also and star seed people.

I prefer to see us all as individuals on our own path and unique in our own very important gifts….. gifts with a purpose that are special for each and every person.

However I know that my insights may reach many….

Would it help you, for me to write my experiences, and loving support….to share more from my heart to help you?

Please let me know………..

Weep for the World - artist Josephine Wall

Weep for the World – artist Josephine Wall

Love Andrea

None of us can know what’s ‘right’ for someone,
adults and children alike are all on their own path of
learning and experience ( life adventure ).

Our ‘job’ is to love… That’s all.
And honour our path.
And honour their path.
And love…unconditionally.

Be love.

Life is all about learning how to follow our intuition and inner knowing…
There is an experience in the mess ups as much as the success….
In each one we find ourselves closer to our path.


Allow love……………….


Healing how we feel……..

Depression and Suicide… watch out for others at this time of year when it feels dark outdoors and often within

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions


Depression, Suicide and Healing

By Andrea Cullen, May 6th 2014

This morning spirit nudged me to write about depression. Honestly I wanted to argue with this but I know there is no point as the words will stream right through me incessantly until I get a pen to paper. So I nestled myself into several too many coffee’s in Country Choice Coffee Shop in Nenagh and honoured the stream of words that came to me. Depression is a topic that I barely feel sufficiently qualified to write about yet one that I feel overwhelmingly passionate about healing. Every cell in my body wants to take away your pain; because I feel it.

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How to Love an Empath


Last night my love shared a wonderful article with me that blew me away; he gets me. Wow.

I have struggled a life time feeling pain in relationships as well as feeling lost and misunderstood. Many times in relationships I have been accused of not loving; of being distant, and told that I cannot be who I am. I had to hide, change, hold back and protect myself. Big walls went up and it seemed that although I could love the world and feel every heart beat right through me, I couldn’t allow love to reach my heart for fear of another wound. In my past so many times I questioned how could someone who says they love me  understand so little about me and my giant heart? It baffled me; and they hurt me and after so much hurt and pain well you learn to expect it. And in the height of the confusion I lost myself.

So I finally left the relationships that hurt me; in fact I don’t think I could have felt much closer to the bottom before I then embarked on a journey to find myself.

When you find yourself and become all that you are; well then you realise that it is indeed safe to walk the path of being all love and feelings; you become ok being a highly sensitive empath. BUT….. it doesn’t come without tests in trust. It is easy to become love and light when you are alone; the true tests begin when someone wants to love you.

let someone love you


I am finally learning to trust that there is unconditional love out there and this time that there is no hurt. I can slowly relearn trust. I can let down walls, and release fears…I could do none of this without the love and support of my love. He is a very special man; and he sees me.


So if you are an empath; hang in there. I will add more to this blog when I have time but I wanted to share the wonderful words written by Ben for his love Rachel on her blog site . Not only do I find his words so truly wonderful and important for the loves of every empath but I also as an empath can feel his deep deep love for Rachel; beautiful.

I don’t know you Ben; but thank you.

I wanted to share the article that my love read and shared with me as it may help others. I will expand this blog and add my own comments in the near future. I didn’t want to forget this one or fail to share it; so here it is for now.

Tips for living with an empath 101 (as told by Ben)

For the complete article please click into Rachel’s blog

1) Understand that often it’s not you.  Part of the gift (and curse) of an empath is that more stuff gets through to him/her than a typical person.

2) Be consistent.  Empaths can, at times pick up on some pretty nasty energy…. and you may need to reassure them that things are ok.

3) Be patient with yourself and them.

4) Be honest! This is a huge one.

5) Be understanding and take a proactive approach.

6) Be a good friend! Empaths can appreciate honesty. However, they cannot handle being ignored.

7) Understand what makes them special, and use that in a positive way.

8) An empath tends to take life very seriously. Plan something fun, and try to get him/her to loosen up. Make them laugh!

9) Be aware of the benefits of having an empath in your life.  In him/her, you will find a loyal friend who will love you unconditionally.

Please also read this poem to your love; Allow me to Fly

I also found this article today from elephant journal and I wanted to share the wonderful poem written by Rebecca Lammersen

To Love An Empath

By Rebecca Lammersen


 I’m all feelings, that’s it.
Lit with emotions that just won’t quit.
I wish,
I wish I could turn them off with a switch,
But that’s not an option,
Till I’m buried in a ditch.


There’s always a trade to be made,
Every decision keeps me saved.
Sometimes it causes strife,
Cause I refuse to cut the emotions outta my life.


My dream would be,
To express all and be received,
Yet no one wants to love the girl who seems dis-eased.
You’re not deceived,
So stop believing the lies you feed.

You must understand,
I’ve been freed.


Sometimes I question how to get by,
But I’ll never give up,
I’ll continue to try.
Every time I dive into my head,
I can’t seem to make it heard or said.
See, the feelings keep dripping from my heart,
Cause it’s the only way I know to live my art.


Forced to hide inside my mind.
It’s torture in here,
The joy, the sadness just won’t disappear.


You ask me to shut it down,
Cause then I can’t make a sound,
So I don’t disturb you and your ground.
But I can’t, I won’t.


Either love me fully or let me go.
I don’t have time to be a ghost.
I took off the sheet when I realized,
It’s the only way to stay alive.


Next time I cry,
Next time I scream
Hold me close,
Please don’t leave.
Just keep me open,
So I can bleed.


This is how to love the life I lead.

With love,


For my love

For my love

PS three wonderful resources; all authors also have helpful and insightful webpages to provide further support:

“if they don’t help you glow, then let them go…” quote by JEFF BROWN

If you would like to chat to me more should you be struggling then please do contact me. Although I am not perfectly ‘there’ I have experienced and navigated a lot in life. I understand and I will do my all to help you understand such that life feels free and wonderful; and no longer painful.


For those empaths in the world the greatest hurt is the confusion, not the emotions.
If your loved one is a highly sensitive person trust their strength in always being honest. It’s when emotional walls are felt and the truth is held back that crushes their heart more.
Worse still lies as they will know.

If the sensitive intuitive person can teach us one thing it’s that honesty is honourable and that no matter how intense things may feel emotions cannot hurt us.

Love Andrea

Loving an empath

A wonderful article that I will again reference in another blog. Enjoy.


Given certain situations that have been going on as of late, I took some time during the holiday break, sat down with my twin flame Ben, and seriously asked him how he manages to live with me. After we got past the raised eyebrows, he actually told me a few things about myself that made a lot of sense.  I have decided to share them here, in hopes that it may be helpful to others in a similar situation.

Why am I so difficult to live with? I am an empath. This is a psy ability, and in a nutshell it means that I pick up on everything around me. Emotions, spirits, energy, you name it. That can be good in some ways, but in others, not so much. But I will leave a full explanation for a later post.  Now, onto the tips:

Tips for living with an empath…

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