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I have a few beliefs in life; ok a lot! When it comes to education, however, I believe that if I am to help my clients to the best of my ability then I must do two things:

  1. Education: to continually strive to be as educated as I can, in as many topics as I can practically consume;  from health, medicine and wellbeing; to fitness, mobility and all topics related to movement;  to psychology, life and spirituality; food, cooking, and our ancestral relationship to foods; to mother earth, her plants, animals and energies; and finally to energy medicine and the whole realm of the invisible, unknown, and astonishing powers of healing, intuition, conscious beliefs and inner self-healing.
  2. Integration: to combine almost 20 years of medical, nutritional, and functional diagnostics experience with my 40 years of life (some hard knocks as well as eye-opening intuitive skills) into a skill mix that delivers practical…

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Quit making excuses


Happy Monday everyone,

I wanted very briefly to bring your awareness to the “art of making excuses”; something we can all be very skilled at! Recently I met someone while out doing my own training¬†and before they even said hello to me and asked me¬†how I was they came out with a raft of excuses. I can only assume that they thought that I was judging them and I was doing nothing of the sort; I was simply happy to see them.

go earn it

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Be mindful about judgement

wayne dyer

According to one definition:

to judge is

“to form, give, or have an opinion, or to decide about something or someone, especially after thinking carefully”.

these last words, after thinking carefully are what our society seems to have forgotten, and judgemental opinions fly left, right and centre before we include acceptance, empathy and education into the equation.


We form judgements about ourselves, others, different cultures, different religious beliefs, different ways of doing things, different ways to learn, different ways to live and sexual preferences, different fashion choices and forms of expression, about our governments, celebrities (who really gives a shit), and so the list goes on and on and on.

dont judge me

It seems we want to have an opinion about everything instead of accepting the wonderful cacophony of our world and all the diversity that this brings. Without difference the world would be a very boring place. Without opening our minds to new ways to do, be, live, love, earn money, give gratitude, and express ourselves within our bodies our world would be a very boring place and our minds would be stagnant by the time we reach our teens…. it is good to have variety, contrast, opposition, and to some degree conflict because it should push us to grow as people, and to embrace and accept this amazing and colour-filled world.


I recorded this message this morning to provoke you to gain more awareness about those little judgemental thoughts that rise in our minds and deplete our energy and vitality.

Unfortunately my flow was broken by my alarm and my part II was a dud recording that had to be retaken. So I may have omitted parts of the first take; I apologise.

My wish is that you free your mind up to even more in letting go of the internal and external judgements, comparisons against others, and obsessive competitiveness and instead open your energies to living and experiencing an even fuller and more rewarding, happy and peace-filled life.

Much love;


I see people,
People in all walks of life,
Just doing their best.

What if we saw into the heart beneath the pain,
The fear behind the words,
The vulnerability behind the threat?

What if our compassion gave people the strength,
To let the walls fall?

I do believe our world can be a beautiful place.





The strength of a woman


Hello ladies (and fellow-men that wish to understand your ladies),

The energies have been intense, the feelings within of frustration, energy fluxing from anger-high bubbles to depressed-fatigued lows; and the sense wanting to break free are overwhelming.

Even I am struggling a little to simply allow these feelings flow through as information about the world outside of me and also within me. Information that stirs me within to reach out and connect with you.

we are all connected; especially women

we are all connected; especially women

So as prompted by the energies speaking through me I recorded this blog yesterday. Please listen and then read on.

Normally when I write a blog or record a message the feelings pass; they are done. I have created from what I have been given and I can move on to the next. And yet this morning I woke with feeling it all again.

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Go with the flow………..

“Reach out;

Look within:
and be you.
Find your voice;
Feel into the next steps;
Walk into your niche in life.

Here is a wee message to you all recorded on 28 Jan 2016. I tend to receive a lot of insight, clarity, and perspective when I
turn off my thoughts and allow what wants to come to me flow while I am out running.



The energies in our world have been very dense the past weeks, creating highs and lows, sleep and restlessness, and a vast dichotomy of emotions ranging from the insecurity about who you are and¬†how people see you¬†to feeling of “who are you to tell me who I am”, and especially for women a feeling of wanting to bust through the shackles of fear, guilt and shame and create more of a balance in life between giving to others and following your own inner dreams and passions.


A sense of wanting to rekindle the fire within rather than exhausting all that you are in trying to be what you think society says a woman should be.I feel that I must encourage women to stand tall, be more authentic, get back to the core of who you really are and to embrace one another in local circles and gatherings.


Hang in there, be honourable and true to yourself. Take the time gifted to you now and be creative in your visualisations about the life you wish for and the dreams you wish to manifest.



PS some helpful clips that I have enjoyed in the past few days:

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You can heal your body


Andrea’s recommended Mind-Body exercises and some thoughts on how to switch between disconnection from our bodies into greater connection and appreciation of our body’s state of health¬†and also how to gain perspective and awareness when we become overly concerned and hypervigilent in our bodies.

We tend to flit between the two when we are struggling with health problems of a chronic nature.

Please practice this exercise often with whatever tweaks feel right to you.

Much love


PS if you are struggling with health problems and would like some assistance with your return to health, and a professional to help determine the core imbalance beneath all your symptoms; please contact me on andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com