So I won a race

This is a blog to help the sensitive souls that are also awesome athletes.

I won a race this weekend; it was totally unexpected. I even had to have to two people check the race results as I couldn’t quite believe it. This was my second time completing a half iron-man distance and I feckin’ won the race; wow. I don’t feel that I can really claim this because due to fog and weather conditions the swim was cancelled just as we were being briefed and ready to go and the resulting race was a 7 km run, 96 km bike and 7 km run loop ran twice to make the correct distance. The loops on my Garmin were on the short side, a bit disappointing because I like perfect numbers and 6.75 x 3 does not a half marathon make LOL; so in ways I am trying to compute what all this winning means.

The last time I was really good at winning something was anorexia in my youth and a drive to over-exercise that persisted into my early thirties. I made myself invisible in life and the only winning was the beating myself up in my head. Trust me the exercise was no preparation for this sort of stuff; it was just endless hours of cardio and weight training to burn every ounce of energy out of my body and a voice that wasn’t satisfied until this mission was accomplished. It probably did make me a phenomenal fat burner if I want to take something good out of it. This sort of strategy to cope with life is very common in sensitive persons; and one that can be turned around. There is so much more to life than internalizing your sensitivity; it is so very worth it to embrace a new way of doing things.

tony robbins

This isn’t the story of a victim, or even a victor. Nothing really matters as much as what we do right now and I just wanted to share some words of support for the sensitive souls that also have a drive to live life to the full and have a burning desire to experience it all. In other words get out there and make impossible dreams come true.

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Be real in a world of fakes

A real person doesn’t need an identity,
Real love doesn’t need measuring,
Real arguments don’t need a winner,
Real strength doesn’t need validation,
Real beauty doesn’t need covering up,
A real diet doesn’t need a name,
Real friendships don’t question who you are,
Real self belief doesn’t need noticing,
Real appreciation is a daily gratitude,
Real truth isnt sugar-coated,
Real people don’t twist things or manipulate,
Real connection doesn’t have walls,


Real people fuck-up daily on all the above and more….
Real people in their lives accept real other people:-)


Be real…. just be real…
In a world of fakes; bare your soul.

In a world of competition and one upmanship do things for YOU;
For pure and utter joy.


The Empath Paradox

The empath’s paradox: how we feel everything and yet often know nothing.

It can be very hard for loved ones to understand us; and yet feeling understood is the glue to our trust in all relationships.

Unless you have been a very fortunate highly sensitive child you more than likely were raised in a family that quite simply weren’t equipped to understand or encourage your sensitivity. In a world of feeling people, people’s emotions, and world events you more than likely learned that if you were sensing everything and the world was still spinning then something was wrong with you.

lonely child 2

Doubts, insecurities, and feeling like the weirdo that could never quite match up to  the expectations of people and life became part of your being. If someone felt unhappy, angry, frustrated, or distant to you then the only logical conclusion could have been that it was you.

Unless you learnt what the soup of emotions meant as a child you more than likely internalized them all into part of your identity instead of learning what was and wasn’t ‘yours’.

Time marches on and life takes spins and turns and if you are fortunate you start to learn what this high sensitivity or being empathic means.

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Thriving as a highly sensitive or empathic person in a busy life

Hello everyone,

I wanted to reach out today and say a few words about being a very sensitive or empathic or highly ‘feeling’ person in our day to day busy lives.


I have written extensively about what does it mean to be an empath or highly sensitive person in the past and have provided insights, advice, and tools in many places on this blog; please explore the links at the bottom of this post to read more. I encourage you to take time reading my words in previous articles; It is important that we get to know ourselves, and with this release hurts, scars and pain from our past.

Why? To embrace the present. Although you may be a highly sensitive person that enjoys peace, solitude and calm this does not mean that you may not also wish to experience life to the full and achieve your dreams and desires in work, play, sport, relationships and more.


How to do this when you have a soul that is so sensitive to an excess of noise, people, chaos, light, clutter, energy, emotions and all the subtle vibrations of life that can accumulate in us to a point of absolute overwhelm is where the challenge lies.

But I don’t believe that any of us should close ourselves off to exploration and experiences for fear of “feeling too much” and becoming hyper-stimulated. Quite the contrary.

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Feeling a lot – is worth it


Some people feel more than others

…. and i can confirm that some days you just feel like you are going to implode, have an anxiety attack, and spin off the planet all at once.

But with feeling more; comes feeling more:

More joy,
more love,
more happiness,
more human kindness;
more subtleties in the day that make this world a truly wonderful and amazing place.

gorse 3
A jog in a quiet lane becomes a living miracle as spring explodes,
a smile from your partner like a dart of profound love through your being,
your niece and nephew shouting your name like the best thing ever,

a new-born foal something to reduce you to happy tears,
a thank you from someone something truly profound

… and a hug all that it takes to help you get up and face another day.

foal and mother

Yes it sucks to feel a lot; but it’s so worth it when you learn to see the beauty of all around you…

“A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.

To him
a touch is a blow,
a sound is a noise,
a misfortune is a tragedy,
a joy is an ecstasy,
a friend is a lover,
a lover is a god,
and failure is death.
– Pearl Buck”

If this strikes a bell my article on the “Navigating life as a highly sensitive person.

love Andrea