So I won a race

This is a blog to help the sensitive souls that are also awesome athletes.

I won a race this weekend; it was totally unexpected. I even had to have to two people check the race results as I couldn’t quite believe it. This was my second time completing a half iron-man distance and I feckin’ won the race; wow. I don’t feel that I can really claim this because due to fog and weather conditions the swim was cancelled just as we were being briefed and ready to go and the resulting race was a 7 km run, 96 km bike and 7 km run loop ran twice to make the correct distance. The loops on my Garmin were on the short side, a bit disappointing because I like perfect numbers and 6.75 x 3 does not a half marathon make LOL; so in ways I am trying to compute what all this winning means.

The last time I was really good at winning something was anorexia in my youth and a drive to over-exercise that persisted into my early thirties. I made myself invisible in life and the only winning was the beating myself up in my head. Trust me the exercise was no preparation for this sort of stuff; it was just endless hours of cardio and weight training to burn every ounce of energy out of my body and a voice that wasn’t satisfied until this mission was accomplished. It probably did make me a phenomenal fat burner if I want to take something good out of it. This sort of strategy to cope with life is very common in sensitive persons; and one that can be turned around. There is so much more to life than internalizing your sensitivity; it is so very worth it to embrace a new way of doing things.

tony robbins

This isn’t the story of a victim, or even a victor. Nothing really matters as much as what we do right now and I just wanted to share some words of support for the sensitive souls that also have a drive to live life to the full and have a burning desire to experience it all. In other words get out there and make impossible dreams come true.

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Climb that f*&%ing mountain

Silvermine Mountains, County Tipperary, Ireland. © Robert Thompson

Keeper Hill Mountain, Tipperary

How to heal hurt and pain….you are far stronger than you realise.

Hello amazing souls,

This is a quick post. I am dumping a lot of soul into the unsaid and hope that you can feel in your hearts what I am trying to convey. That said I always seem to write more content than time permits!!

Many of us carry emotional pain.

emotional pain

I wanted to give you a helpful nudge about a quick way to release emotional pain and emotional grief. Many of us, and especially the highly sensitive and empathic persons, have come through life with many scars. Scars that can often lead to us wanting to jump from feeling, and to avoid people and life. Trust is lost in the safety of this world and life becomes about existence and survival.

Avoiding ‘feeling’ and pushing away ‘life’ is not being alive,
Remember your strength and jump back in…Live!

Words, memories, incidents, traumas, negative relationships with family, friends and lovers and many experiences that created hurt have been lodged in the depths of our bodies. Often we dissociate from feeling these emotions, and so in our numbed out state we are oblivious to the energetic memory held in our bodies. For others the past can feel so much more present and impacts daily life. We are still playing the CD record of the past in our minds, bodies, and beliefs. And when the trauma of the past lives on it will impact the present and future.

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