Every year there is ‘that ONE swim’

There is always one swim each year that stores in my memory to tide me over through the seasons change until the next Baltic dipping in May the following year.
The swimming in Ireland is fresh and I feel the cold a lot; yet its always worth it when you do venture in. Soul food; followed by a hot cuppa tea.

I thought I had that swim in July; but a cold morning on Sept 1st this week was the most beautiful experience of the year hands down. And I got to share it with friends. Andree had organised a photo shoot to promote the ‘Blueway’ around Lough Derg and they couldn’t have picked a better morning. So I hopped in and joined Carmel, Aaron and Andree to share the magic.

That amazing July morning sunrise swim

The air temperature was a sharp 8 degrees but the water held her modestly warmer summer temperatures creating this amazing rising mist over the water.

I stopped on my way to Twomilegate to take a sneaky shot of Killaloe hoping no one would see me standing roadside in my wetsuit!

Words fail; we swam in silence and stopped now and again to just float.

that’s me

Sorry for so many photos; but Ireland is simply amazing when the sun shines and especially in the mornings. We may complain about the rain, and daily when training it is a mission to play the dance around the rain showers and weather app roulette games; but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The rain is what makes our country so lush and beautiful.