Magic Lies Here…..

Thirsty Falls 9

Magic Lies here……in Thirsty Falls Guest Farm

Come rest a while; with us.
Pull a chair out into the suns warmth,
And let the breeze caress your tired body.

Slow down. Stop, melt into your surroundings.
Close your eyes and drink with your senses,
And immerse your awareness in Natures symphonious cacophony.

Thirsty Falls 1

Hear the birds announce their flight path.
Bees about their business.
And trees reveal the winds journey through.

Thirsty Falls 5

Rest a while Dear Child.
Become the flow of the stream,
The light in Suns warmth,
And timeless in earth’s grounding.

Thirsty Falls 13

Magic lies here.
It connects you to the depth of your being,
In moments of nothing,
It all becomes something.

Let your heart song sing again.
Your inner voice speak in your silence,
And Mother Nature embrace you safe.

Be at One,
Feel at Peace,
And leave Remembering.


Photos from Jenny and Alan’s wonderful farm at Thirsty Falls Guest Farm, with the Magaliesberg mountains in the backdrop.


In Memory…….



When I go to heaven let it be full of puppies and kittens,
And the sound of trees dancing with the wind.


Let the melodies of birdsong announce the day,
And the sun set in a blaze of rainbow colours.


Let the scent of the wild lilies and roses stop the moments of sadness in your heart,
And the clouds drift past in wondrous shapes and colours into the depths of your imagination.


When the sun shines in a garden; and the bumble bee passes by,
Remember me and all that is beautiful in our world.


In memory of a very special person that touched my heart deeply. I will remember the chats and Autumn sun as we shared hearts sitting in the most beautiful garden with the warm sun on my back. Thank you Sue.