True Healing starts with listening….

Did you ever stop to contemplate the emotional intelligence of your physical body?


The two are so intricately linked that when emotions are too much for us to handle the body protects us by absorbing and storing “pain” and when the body knows the heart-mind is ready to heal she will start to release the emotions into present physical symptoms again. Sometimes all that you will feel is immense fatigue; this is just another way for your body to force you into being mindful and present.

This isn’t much fun I hear you say! Yet consider it like you are clearing a path for a better feeling, completely healthy, and lighter hearted tomorrow.

The body will also display signposts using symptoms if more immediate imbalances need to be addressed. For example breathing problems are often anxiety related, athletic injuries a sign to slow down and recover better, stomach problems issues around us that are too much for us to handle (digest) or merely the feelings of discomfort at all we pick up around us in daily life, headaches are often the result of over thinking, liver and gall bladder symptoms the result of anger and unexpressed emotions, and so on.

Not all symptoms are emotional; I don’t think any of us need reminding that lack of sleep leads to fatigue, too much alcohol a hangover, poor posture physical pain symptoms, and poor food choices indigestion! However all too often poor health is a complex mix of diet, lifestyle, environmental, physical, and emotional factors. And for true health to be restored positive changes in all these realms must be addressed. This is why the fast fix of medication rarely works. The same niggle will return, or the niggle will present as a more serious issue until you start to pay heed.

How much will it take to start listening? How significant the discomfort? Just as when you ignore a small noise in your car…. it will eventually break down; and the bill will inevitably be bigger the longer you leave it!!

It is easier to start learning positive tools now to enable healthy function, to feel your best, and to perform to your optimal in work, sport, and life.

Listen to your body as she has her own way to  express the lexicon of her emotions and very few therapists will be able to interpret her language as well as you. I often hear the language of the body as I work with clients in the clinic and do my utmost to listen clearly, and to encourage a healing release; but ultimately I am merely the nudge to get you to listen for yourself and to assist you in learning new tools, to encourage you moving forward to pay heed to and ultimately release emotions as they come up.

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