True Healing starts with listening….

Did you ever stop to contemplate the emotional intelligence of your physical body?


The two are so intricately linked that when emotions are too much for us to handle the body protects us by absorbing and storing “pain” and when the body knows the heart-mind is ready to heal she will start to release the emotions into present physical symptoms again. Sometimes all that you will feel is immense fatigue; this is just another way for your body to force you into being mindful and present.

This isn’t much fun I hear you say! Yet consider it like you are clearing a path for a better feeling, completely healthy, and lighter hearted tomorrow.

The body will also display signposts using symptoms if more immediate imbalances need to be addressed. For example breathing problems are often anxiety related, athletic injuries a sign to slow down and recover better, stomach problems issues around us that are too much for us to handle (digest) or merely the feelings of discomfort at all we pick up around us in daily life, headaches are often the result of over thinking, liver and gall bladder symptoms the result of anger and unexpressed emotions, and so on.

Not all symptoms are emotional; I don’t think any of us need reminding that lack of sleep leads to fatigue, too much alcohol a hangover, poor posture physical pain symptoms, and poor food choices indigestion! However all too often poor health is a complex mix of diet, lifestyle, environmental, physical, and emotional factors. And for true health to be restored positive changes in all these realms must be addressed. This is why the fast fix of medication rarely works. The same niggle will return, or the niggle will present as a more serious issue until you start to pay heed.

How much will it take to start listening? How significant the discomfort? Just as when you ignore a small noise in your car…. it will eventually break down; and the bill will inevitably be bigger the longer you leave it!!

It is easier to start learning positive tools now to enable healthy function, to feel your best, and to perform to your optimal in work, sport, and life.

Listen to your body as she has her own way to  express the lexicon of her emotions and very few therapists will be able to interpret her language as well as you. I often hear the language of the body as I work with clients in the clinic and do my utmost to listen clearly, and to encourage a healing release; but ultimately I am merely the nudge to get you to listen for yourself and to assist you in learning new tools, to encourage you moving forward to pay heed to and ultimately release emotions as they come up.


Listening to your body is one of the most deeply spiritual  things that you can do to enable deep lasting healing (and listening is free).

For many of us the journey thus far may have involved the suppression of a multitude of emotions that were never safe to release. Or words and feelings never even acknowledged as  we simply had no comprehension of what they were or emotional intelligence to understand and deal with these feelings.

Although parenting should teach children emotional intelligence and how to deal with feelings not every parent had the tools themselves to understand this. Our parents did their best and it is up to us now to bridge the gaps in our emotional “education” towards more feeling centred healing as issues arise.


Fear, hurt, frustration, “pain”, sadness, loneliness, trauma, anger, resentment, guilt, shame and many other feelings that felt they had no right to be expressed are often held within the body until it is too much and the time to release these emotions becomes urgent and NOW before they make us (even more) ill. You feel this way because you are ready…


I firmly believe that most chronic and complex health conditions as well as pain are the result of stored emotions. The body protecting you from feelings and emotions that at that time were unsafe to express.


Consider that now, as symptoms present and start to create trouble that you are more than capable of dealing with the past, setting it free, and moving forward into health and wellness; happiness, and freedom.


How light the body will feel to be free…..


Physical traumas too create their fair share of blockages. I see so many incidents that may have seemed minor at the time such as a bad fall or bike crash or seemingly non-traumatic incident create massive trauma in the body especially when the fear and pain was not “allowed” to be expressed at the time. These incidents and accidents may have occurred many years ago and surface when a similar trigger recurs in the more recent past.

Also pain medication and tranquilizers often create blocks in the body to releasing pain, trauma and fear.


It is not that you weren’t strong enough to handle whatever incident, memory or pain at the time; in fact the very reverse you were too strong and learnt all sorts of mechanisms to preserve yourself and cope.

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I recommend the following exercise should uncomfortable symptoms or intense emotions present:

Take time out, slow down and be still with yourself. If you can do this in nature and get a bit of space from people, then even better. I recommend lying down on the ground. But if the only place that you can do this is at work or in the car then relax and be present as much as you can.

lie on the grass

If it’s safe 🙂 close your eyes and focus on relaxing every part of your body; sink right into the ground below you.

Imagine that your feet are firmly rooted in the earth and your mind connected to the energy of the cosmos (a bit like a giant tree). Imagine the vastness of the healing energy flowing right through you from the universe surrounding you and also the abundance of energy within you from all the chemical reactions happening right now allowing your body to function. Consider that your body is life’s miracle and will always heal given the opportunity; there is always enough energy. Many clients quote seeing colours and if you do see colours then go with it!


When you are relaxed focus your mind on where the pain or symptoms are located. As best you can don’t think; instead move your awareness from thinking in the brain to feeling from the heart (your heart senses things far faster than the brain and this is proven in science). If needs be then imagine your brain moving from head to heart. You may need to move from head to heart a few times as the brain has a way of hijacking things and over-thinking or obsessing and getting stuck.

With your focus on the location in your body ask “what is my body trying to tell me”. Again as best you can feel the answers rather than get stuck in over-analysis (something as a scientist I tend to get stuck doing).

Allow your mind and thoughts to wander with all the images and messages that the body tells you. The answers will come quick and fast when from heart and feel right they may also take you back into memories and incidents long forgotten. Don’t be surprised if the symptoms get more intense as you go deeper into this and trust that this is just confirmation you are headed in the right direction. Remember you are in control of this and are merely watching. If it is too much for you then you can always stop and ask for this healing release to happen at a later time when you feel more ready. The answers will be muddy and analytical and conflicted more often than not if you go back into your head while the head tries to analyse and justify things!

See the issues as purely as you can. If you are seeing memories then as best you can see them truthfully and as they really were. Allow yourself to feel the emotions and words or sensations as they arise. Avoid judgement, blame, or shame and especially for yourself. You did you best and understand that often others did their best too.


When it feels right; step in as the adult that you are now to heal the you in the past that you are connecting to within this memory. Just go with your intuition on this you will KNOW what to do and say.

Sometimes this exercise may not take you back that far. For example stomach pains or symptoms may be related to stress or an incident at work, a headache strife at work, back pain to a relationship issue. Many times in our day we are angered, aggravated, bothered, or hurt by people and the “nice” person in us has to swallow it back. Now is the time to let it go as holding on to all these emotions is what makes us sick and most of these emotions certainly doesn’t serve us. Just let it go; get over it. Its often not your stuff!

"let go"

“let go”

Deal as fully with the issue as you can.

Now bring yourself completely back to the present moment and draw your attention to the noises, sounds and smells surrounding you. Connect back to the here and now and ground yourself.

Focus on positive aspects of your day today and in your life.

Don’t move on until you can recreate a good feeling within yourself.

Sometimes this requires a complete shift in focus and if so then search for people you love, places and even pets that bring you to a heart happy place.

You may not be able to make changes to  people who bug you (or even those present when you suffered deeper traumas); to feel that someday we can change them can bring endless heartache and disappointment. We cannot expect for those that have hurt us to change. If we wait for change to start with others then we may be waiting a very long time.

What you can do is even more powerful and that is to change your own focus, beliefs, self-directed thoughts, decisions, mind-set, and how you chose to react to life. And when you start doing this… well that is a powerful thing because you control the decisions and choices in your life now.

Then you start to realise that this can be a wonderful world and that freedom and true health is achievable…


Remember to be so gentle with yourself; healing can take time and in my life I HAVE CHOSEN TO SEE THIS AS A JOURNEY OF EXPERIENCES AND LEARNING. I forgave a long time ago; learning to be brave is a process I have allowed myself the liberty of more time for…. life isn’t a race and maybe I miss out on experiences if I only look at where I want to be.

There is freedom is accepting that you are perfect “here”; and not “there” where you think you should be.

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