Take a few minutes to reflect ….

Please take a moment to reflect on Christmas and New years and what they mean to you and how I set goals from the heart

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Take a few minutes to reflect this Christmas and New year…. make it meaningful


Hi Folks,

There were just too many thoughts flying around my head this morning to share with you all, so I did the quickest thing and got them down in a video. I am not a fan of the old here I am look at me 🙂 and the video clearly agreed with a cut off after a few minutes!!

So here is a short video message from me reflecting on Christmas and goal setting for the New Year followed by a mash-up on voice recording to complete the message.

Please do take the time to ponder what Christmas means for you, how to be present in all the chaos, and take time to be mindful of your New Years goals.

Please enjoy and add comments about your own goals and desires. Lets make them happen in…

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Listen and remind yourself

See your beauty.

This week I was asked would I record more video blogs after my first one Make your Day. I didn’t know if the universe would speak to me and give me the confidence to do another; but she did.

Please listen to this recording from my heart to yours. I surprised myself by getting very emotional in the middle of this as I felt myself wanting to help you feel the profound love that the universe holds for you. You may or may nor hear my voice shaking.

Take a moment to let these words sink in and remember the amazing, beautiful and unique person that you are….






You must first search to FIND,
Look out to see with-IN,
Lose something to gain EVERYTHING,
Know emptiness to truly LOVE,


We must feel doubt to know CERTAINTY,
Be at war within to know the meaning of  PEACE,
Give it all to RECEIVE,
and expect NOTHING while being a part of EVERYTHING.


These may be difficult times my friend,
when we only see the rain.
But when you piece together all the glorious moments,
Then… you will know we are a piece of the DIVINE.


Love, Andrea