People say I see the good in people too often, that I am naive, that I believe too much in our people and our world. I pretty much believe in unicorns, fairies and that there is good in everyone. Yes guilty as charged.

I want to believe in people because when you believe in the good you see the good. When you believe in a soul they rise; when you give people the benefit of the doubt they sense this and when you see their hearts and that there is a good; they come through and shine. I refuse to change this simple heart-led view of people and the great capacity that we all have for change.

If I am battling to see good I take to my journal just like this morning and twist my heavy heart into a positive one.

Some days it’s a challenge to see the good however, I won’t lie; and today is one of them.

Spring is here and after my quick journal and intention setting I set off on my mountain bike. Call it a meditation of sorts because the beauty and wisdom of the universe comes to me in chunks and this is freedom, escape, immersion in nature. On my mountain bike it is NOT training; it’s a way to see the world.

The day was beautiful as you can see.

And then I got to Keeper Hill which I knew was going to be a bit of a heart wrench because they are currently felling in the forest and it looks like the apocalypse. Keeper Hill is my stomping ground; it always has been. I have biked, hiked, horse ridden and run this mountain since I was young and before you saw another soul on these trails.

I feel so sad to see this beautiful place demolished by the felling, polluted by the machinery and trash from the trucks and machinery everywhere. I felt so upset to see what humans do to nature, never mind that the 1/2 foot deep muck tracks that made it too tough to bother going to the first summit.

So on I pedaled and had a talk with myself that nature will right herself and the forest will heal and then I saw this.

This is not the first time I have witnessed such outright disregard for the woods; there is a dumping and litter problem here and of late I have even seen animal carcasses. It is not only the forestry workers that leave a trail of rubbish but the walkers, cyclists and hikers. And then there is this blatant dumping. It is getting worse. This was almost on the road; the people dumping didn’t even care to try to hide it (which isn’t much better).

I feel so angry. I feel disgusted. I cannot understand. Can someone help me understand how this rubbish magically cleans itself up?

No, it is here and it will stay here for YEARS. Unless someone magically appears this rubbish will stay here along with the other rubbish. I only wish that unicorn I believe in could magic this away. That is not the reality. Dumping persists; for a very long time.

I cycled on…

The rubbish doesn’t stop here. It is along the roadside, it is dumped in the bog, it is thrown out of car windows by ignorant selfish people who just like me that live in nice tidy homes. But instead these people cannot be bothered to even think of the consequences of their actions. If you are a runner, walker, or biker you will know what I mean because you can see the trash everywhere. Bar wrappers, cola bottles, energy drink bottles, coffee cups, lunch wrappers, plastic… it is everywhere and it is worse than I have ever seen it. It is in every hedge of Ireland.

Then there is the dumping. People intentionally driving to our beautiful Keeper Hill to get rid of their shit, or driving to Annaholty bog and getting rid of stuff there.

Beautiful wild Annaholty bog

Rubbish spotted there a few weeks ago. This is only a fraction of what can be seen dumped on the bog and bog road

I feel so heartbroken for our beautiful countryside. Visitors to Ireland must think that we are disgusting; a let down for humanity and I agree.

So what can we do? 



PS quote from the universe before the travesty ruined by vibe

Quality of life is not made richer by more money. Money and things only buy the shortest of satisfaction.

Once we are fortunate to meet our bills and expenses quality of life is enriched by experience, people, play, good health and freedom.

Make wise choices.

Choose wise beliefs…

Happy me


I want to heal

It is so frustrating isn’t it when the body apparently lets you down, when it takes an age to heal, when you feel like shit day after day and it becomes so hard to have faith or find a positive focus.

You feel punished and you don’t know why.

I hear you!

We cannot run from what the body is saying; s(he) needs time, s(he) needs patience and love. S(he) needs you to listen and to be kind.

You aren’t being punished. The body is holding you here for good reason. You need to slow down, you need to look in, you need to finally go head and heart first into the old wounds and traumas, you need to learn new ways, greater love, divine patience! You are being asked to blindly trust, to have greater faith, to stick your heels into self belief and that things will turn around. Maybe not now but soon.

I am here to support you, to help you unravel the body messages and the emotional threads that seek untangling. If there are physical issues we can identify and work on them, and if there are symptoms that unravel deep into your soul wounds we can find these too. Whatever way works for you, we will go there.

You are safe now…. faith, love, trust. But most of all love…

Andrea x

I recorded this today for you; please have a listen


I have been through a rough 12 months myself. Most days I can be strong, I have the knowledge to self-heal and the ability to listen to the wisdom to know where to focus my energy. That said I am human, I get impatient, I want to be somewhere else, I am stubborn and don’t always hear or I get stuck doing what I feel I should in life when the never ending wall I keep hitting is asking me for more. To be myself. I hit the wall again yesterday and today took myself into nature. I needed some lessons.

Here are some snippets of the soul healing in my day..nature is phenomenal to heal us, teach us, guide and inspire us.

Heart soothe

and one tired doggie after her exploring:

Who smells of the aroma of expensive organic baby shampoo and fox poo all in one

You are so very loved, so truly perfect, and are important,


PS if you are fed up of hitting the wall, please don’t suffer alone. Reach out…