It’s you my love; that has my heart


Diamonds and dinners don’t captivate my soul,

or words and grand gestures,

As your desire to fly free does.



No it’s the silence of your soul speak,

The glimmer of heart in your eyes,

The passion of intent and warmth in your hands protecting mine,

That stops my breath and steals my moment.



5 star dinners and romantic breaks don’t hold my soul in awe

The way your knowing the birdsong and flower blooms does

and where the wind sounds the most like whispers through the trees

Or where the pine scents and honeysuckle perfume the breeze.



No, it’s the man who you are,

In every action and heartfelt embrace.



The vulnerable strength that you show in the face of my walls.

The pure love that cocoons my fears,

And the kiss on the breeze that supports my wings.



It’s you my love; my love that knows all IS love

…infinite, true, deep…

Ever present with each seasons change.



It’s you my love; that has my heart………


with love,


andrea may 2014


Love only sees perfection……..


“You are beautiful and you are perfect”.

If you asked your soul, this is what she would say; that you are beautiful and perfect.

Remove the filter of society’s belief system – the external loudspeaker telling you that you are too fat, too skinny or too something-or-other; and that you must conform, control and manipulate your body and your food. For too long you have made this YOUR voice. A voice that punishes you for indulging, controls what you eat, when you eat, how you eat and that beats you up for not beating yourself physically up…. and when your own voice weakens what do you do? You pay someone to tell you all these things in the form of a therapist or trainer to shout at you even more; or you buy a book or magazine or a product that reminds you that you are so far from perfect.

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