Sedona energies….

A message to my lovely empathic and highly sensitive friends.

thunder 10


So today I really got to discover, in its truthful way what the energy vortex effect of Sedona is. It is NOT a tour, a thing you can buy in expensive jewellry, Atlantean charged pieces of $$$ necklaces, or a stone; it is an energy felt by the most sensitive souls, in the least expected moments as the world calls for healing and help and for those able to listen, to feel this right through their core.

I am a science minded person; however the past years of my life have taught me to trust also in what I feel, and pay less heed to common opinion or what I am TOLD I am going to feel when I go somewhere. The body feels truth and the mind understands it in ways that the thinking brain often cannot assimilate. Sometimes you just have to feel things and be content in that knowing.

Coming to Sedona I have chosen to feel my way into this place rather than research it to death or believe every word I am told. The truth will come in its own way.

There is no doubt that there is a special energy here; and you can feel it when you get away from the (non-local) people. Nature speaks loudly here, the natural beauty of the location is simply breath-taking, the mountain formations talk a language of an age submerged in waters. For me stones and rocks and sacred sites have always had a powerful impact on my well-being and somehow focus me to where I am supposed to be in thoughts or no thoughts – at home in Ireland my go to places are mountains and old ancient burial cairns or circles.

However there is something more going on here also; and this I am slowly easing my way into. I am not an environmental scientist, engineer, or geologist. So this is my observance from intuition.

There is a phenomenal amount of minerals in the ground, mountains and formations here; of note iron and quartz. Both these minerals will hold electromagnetic / magnetic charges (if you doubt this google the use of minerals in technology; even look at your watch it may be driven by a quartz crystal or open your circuit board and have a look. e.g.; things are an unusual shape here and there is a lot of water under the ground. Even the forestry here will add its count of negative ions to the mix and I am sure that there are ley lines and geopathic stresses going on also.

It would be my guess that this sets us up for some interesting and yet subtle energy fields notably where the geometries form more significant ‘shapes’ (conducting patterns). Sacred geometries have been well-studied and permeate our cultures through time. Think pyramids, New Grange, Glastonbury abbey, labyrinths, Rosslyn chapel, and almost every significant temple or sacred place globally; they are all constructed as such for a very real and significant reason. And it is not just for looks!

We are also in a place where healers come together and reside. The real deal authentic heart centred gifted persons. I can see their challenge to ground on a daily basis amongst the tourist masses. The more you feel; the more you are going to be shook with more feeling as energetic and emotional clutter hits this town in the frenzy.

But also I am starting to understand in my own feeling experiences that there is something deeper going on. Mother Earth is a complex system of life and energy and it is all connected in a spider web more complex than any human can ever know for sure….. what is being sent and being sensed here is not by chance.

So in my truth radar I sense that the global consciousness is amplified by the vast number of aware peoples here, the earth ground consciousness and the matrix that binds us all together is more potent here due to  how earth can direct and move these energies in an effort for balance…

Mother Nature is trying to heal; our planet is trying to heal…. and the seekers and knowers of truth and those ‘feeling it’ well in ways it is a case of “should you choose to accept this mission”….. because what we can all agree on is that our world is in need of changes or we are going to soon reach the point of no return.

View from airport mesa

Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely LOVING my experience here; however I hadn’t expected the energies to pound my centre quite so dramatically as it was finally explained to me that the unstable emotions, tears, and desire to get on a plane to South Africa into loving hugs hit me hard today. I have been feeling so emotional, lost, confused, anxious and bombarded by the energies of the USA and the endless tourists in this town; wherever the healing energy of Sedona was she was either hiding or ripping me apart in some deep emotions. I was stuck somewhere between is this mine or is this everywhere else.

And it felt so odd because I was up at 630 am this morning in a total flow of creativity and inspiration for my work before another wallop of intense feelings hit me. What a contrast and more than a little confusing!

thunder 6

I felt people ‘coming at me’ with anger bombs, judgements, and just in the masses of tourists and not even a place to park; and despite my learnt ability to accept things and people as they are I was reacting for longer than normal, feeling shaken more than normal, and getting triggered to the point of being over-reactive with the one person that I love and trust most; my boy. Then on top of that comes the shame and embarrassment of not being stronger, more tolerant, and less of an emotional idiot.

It took crying on a bathroom floor full of water (yep done by muppet me) soothed by Veena and Ciardha today (experienced souls in the ways of Sedona) to be shown how the vortex effect of Sedona’s sacred sites amplifies all the energies and messages of the universe. You believe it when you feel it and I can only say how grateful I am for the support and words of encouragement.

I knew there was a reason I hadn’t wanted to venture far from Thunder mountain and it would seem that she is quite the special place as told me by Ciadhra so now I understand the intuitions that I have had to spend time either running her roads or trekking up into her mountain trails. And now I have been guided to a few new places of  solitude for time outs and prayer (in my own way).

thunder 2

The point of my writing isn’t whoopee here we go all about me;
It isn’t about us coming together to bitch about what we are feeling,
Or doing that empath victim thing.

The point is that we are feeling.


Some message from the world….

And what are we going to do about it?

Here are my words for you today; IF you are somewhere and feeling it DON’T give up, remind yourself of your strength and dig within for the meaning and actions that come from these emotions…. there is nothing that is too daft or weird as an answer or an action…. just do it in your own heart-centred way and you cannot go wrong. Think farther than yourself; how does how you feel relate to the bigger picture? For me I was feeling our worlds pain….

Each one of our actions marries that of each other and amplifies in its effects…. something more, synergism, magic and cosmic mystery…. bottom line let’s make this world a better place; she needs us right now and feeling sorry for ourselves, hating the world, fighting against people and complaining ain’t gonna make this world a better place; worse in fact and especially worse in your reality if that is all you see.

Open your eyes; your all-seeing eyes:

thunder 9


PS. there is always a place that we can go, a thing we can do, or someone we can talk to, to help bring us back into our safe heart space and the truth of the situation. If you can drop everything then go and be there.

The one thing that always gives me important emotional grounding and spiritual connection is my running. Yesterday I was blessed to see a road-runner peg it across the road right in front of me; apparently a rare sighting. In the past days I have also seen a red cardinal, a brewer’s blackbird, I had a bird of prey circle right over my head; and a cohort of quail crossing the road. When I notice these gifts from the universe I know in my heart that I am in some way present and paying heed despite how at times I do may get overwhelmed in the drama.



A day after writing this I listened to this video blog from Lee Harris and it is one worth listening to.


Find your truth within

Hi everybody,

A quick check in from Sedona with some words that hopefully hit the hearts where it is needed most.

Oh and i saw my first live roadrunner bird today!!


PS the feature image is of an Indian paintbrush flower. A beautiful flower whose energy I am planning on adding into a healing energy essence before I leave. She is all about letting down walls, the ones that we used to protect ourselves with and now feeling safe to express the inner joy-filled child.


Much Love,



Why Women need a Tribe

Here is a lovely article on upliftconnect about why women need a tribe that is well worth a read; for both women and men.

Friendships in our lives are tremendously important and are defined by a balance of giving and receiving; nurturing and being nurtured.

It is vital for us to examine this balance in our lives as to give too much (have too much taken) will lead to fatigue and/ or feelings of resentment and to take too much may result in a loss of friendships!

Before you decide to make changes in your friendship life however always explore what can be better balanced from your own side. I see so many clients in the clinic that are drained by negative friendships and having experienced this too myself I do recommend taking a good hard look at the balance of your life and when this isn’t nurturing or supporting you, or allowing you to be yourself and grow, then it is time to take leaps of faith to invite new friendships in…

sometimes we grow in our lives and move on… this is ok too.

Wishing you loving friendships and connections in your life and I also wanted to invite in any women close to Limerick and Tipperary area if they are interested in forming a regular meeting and support group to email me on;  I see that there is a great need for more support systems for one another in this crazy busy and often isolated world.

Here again is the link to the article

Much love,


The Six Basic Human Needs

I have just finished reading this article written by Clip Richards on and felt compelled to share it on.

Please click the link to read more:

I have read Tony Robbin’s work about these six basic human needs, however sometimes it takes reading them again to remind oneself; perhaps reading them often!

In summary the 6 basic human needs are listed below and I encourage you to not only read the article but to reflect on whether you are meeting your own needs in your life; something that is YOUR responsibility to take care of.

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love & connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

How are you meeting your six human needs? Have a play around with them.

For example I am currently in Sedona, Arizona on day 6 of my stay here. I have been in the USA since the 11th March and every day has been a whirlwind of learning be it at my first 5 day Functional Medicine conference in Phoenix, or the day I spent travelling from Phoenix to Sedona, followed by the 5 days here of guided spiritual retreat. I was scheduled and if i wasnt scheduled I was racing out to locate food and supplies. I now face almost 12 days here in the one place with no strict educational or spiritual commitments; in fact I have an empty diary until April 10th when I am on another course!

So in my first fortnight I had VARIETY and CERTAINTY in the structure but perhaps little by way of LOVE & CONNECTION at the conference (actually I made some fabulous connections which is a rare thing at these events so i felt SAFE there) followed by having love and connection in abundance while surrounded by my retreat guide and team here in Sedona. I think asking the universe to bring amazing people along the journey makes a real and significant difference to the outcome.

Now I face more alone time and to feel balance I must nurture this needs for love and connection. I sure am doing a lot of growth on this trip, and unusually for me I am doing less by way of contribution. This feels odd however I CONTRIBUTE a lot in my daily life and I am under instruction to take a rest and RECEIVE more while i am here… to regain my energy and focus on my GROWTH.

So you see it is always a balancing act. And we must own our responsibility for this; for example I could miss my boyfriend whom I love dearly because we have 6 weeks apart which never happens normally; this could cause me to feel isolated and then lose confidence to reach out and connect. I have a gap of less commitments and I must seek variety and continue my growth or else I will not feel balanced and happy…. sometimes it takes reaching out, pushing ourselves out there and taking a risk to make our lives feel more balanced and our very being sustained by all that causes us to feel alive while also safe.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in the mundane… and that is OUR creation and no one else is to blame. Even a half hour of something done for ourselves that gives VARIETY can be enough.


Enjoy the article,


Sedona Day 1 and 2: Medicine Wheel and Spiritual Voyaging

Hello everyone;

I have been busy here in Sedona so my blogs may be a little erratic and more frequent in video form to keep you posted on my adventures. I will work backwards as things are fresher in my mind this way.

If you wish to skip to the video blogs here they are; they are me being me.

Firstly I absolutely MUST give my Airbnb hostess Veena a big shout out as her apartment is truly fabulous. I am blessed beyond belief to have found this gem of a place to call home for 18 days. Right now I am writing in the comfort of my room looking over the mountains with the cool breeze of evening bringing the hot day to a pleasant close.

If you are visiting Sedona please consider Veena as your hostess. Here is the link to Sedona Casa Harmony.

castus flower 2

Cactus flower (as Clint kindly informed me based on my description) spoke to me in dreams before I got here so excited to explore this little lady when she blooms. She holds potent healing energy medicine.

Day 2

Medicine Wheel

medicine wheel

Traditional Medicine Wheel

Today was a truly profound day and I was honoured with performing my medicine wheel. This is a ceremony to honour my life, ask for healing help and ‘Medicine’ and give deep gratitude to my spirit ancestors, guides and animal spirits for their answering my prayers and healing, assisting, guiding and supporting me in my journey. I am not Native Indian (!! as you know), so I feel truly honoured to partake in this sacred ritual.

I don’t have words that are sufficient in meaning, eloquence, or depth to describe the beauty of my experience. Or words to convey the emotions felt as Clint guided me through what it is to conduct a traditional Medicine Wheel Ceremony. The gratitude in Clint’s heart for my being and those in our support; and my experience of joining with his spiritual beliefs and traditional ways were profound. To feel the meaning of Lakota words in prayer and thanks combined with the beating of drum resonating with my heart reminded me to walk a conscious path of gratitude… because you can never be grateful enough for all that comes to us.

I cannot provide a description of the Medicine Wheel that will do it justice. From what I understand I had my feet deep in Mother Earth; she grounded me and held me safe, and I was covered and protected by Father Sky; the cosmos and the energy of sun a vital form of energy for me (and us).

I always feel more connected when I am bathed in sun. The Medicine Wheel offered to me the opportunity to connect with ritual and bring harmony, balance and alignment into my life. Engaging in the ceremony called to my soul, affirmed who I am through my past experiences, and gave me clarity regarding my Path and Journey. I was given the opportunity to feel the Great Spirits and my own ancestors (and Celtic roots) because I called upon them to bring healing to my body and mind and connect me even more deeply to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The Medicine Wheel is a circle; there are four quadrants and Clint showed me how to see this as a representation of my life. Quite quickly I saw how this would correlate to the segments of my life journey (past, present, and future all connected in one circle is what I saw) and so I embraced what I saw ahead and stepped into the wheel and my “journey”.

I won’t lie, it felt rather odd in my being to have a ceremony of such importance about ‘my’ life. And when called to verbally express myself I found this quite the challenge.

However I am here for me; so it felt right to ‘get over myself’ and embrace my opportunity to acknowledge the journey of my life, my steps thus far; to offer thanks and gratitude as I saw the deeper meaning from my third eye and heart space of each quadrant of my life.

It was not by chance that the third quadrant, my now was full of young shoots ready for life.

I moved around the circle in my own way many times; supported by prayer, song and chanting from my dear guide Clint. The wind whipped up some gusts at humorously apt moments and the smoking sage apparently moved with me as I transitioned the quadrants. I was so deep in my space and close to the ground that I was oblivious to both this and the Hummingbird that joined us.


Are you ready to become who you were meant to be?
There was once a time when you used to dream big.
So what happened to all those dreams?

I also had an army of ants in the circle quadrant legs moving pieces of dead and burnt wood towards the circle’s heart.


Encountering an ant you should consider that all good things come with time, and effort.
Work with diligence, with conviction, and work with others in order to forge your dreams and turn them into reality.
Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages.

When animals appear it is always a nudge from spirit. Hummingbird and Ant have their own symbolic meaning and I made sure to take note. I always find these spirit symbols when they walk into my life intriguing; especially because today a main priority for me in my journey was to see my life through the lens of love and purity, to be completely present in my being and to bring to the front of my consciousness the meaning in a positive note of experiences in every quadrant of my life. And to celebrate and give thanks for this. It would seem that Hummingbird is in agreement.

As for Ant, well I am ready to shine all that I am to the world and no longer hold fear. If there is work to be done I am not shrinking from this and will work hard to be the best version of myself in all capacities to nurture, help and assist all who come my way for health, clarity, healing, and support.

medicine wheel 2

Note Clint to my right preparing us for opening ceremony with the Medicine Wheel. We burn sage to cleanse, and offer tobacco in gratitude and thanks.

I recorded a message today for everyone that talks more about my Day (2) today and also yesterday (1) Follow the link here to my YouTube channel

Healing Journey with Michelle

This morning I was blessed to share heart space with Michelle; Clint’s wife. I want to keep this blog from being over long so my brief words here are not related in any way to the significance of this mornings session.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of seeking people in your life that understand, support and nurture you on your journey. Michelle provided a heart centred space for me to ‘be’ that provided me with more clarity, confidence and faith in my self and my journey than she probably knows…..but as the beautiful sensitive being that she is, she probably does! Thank you Michelle. 
Images taken from today

Day 1

Was a long day! I have touched on it all in my vblog.
I had a lovely run in the morning cool before the sun spiked the temperatures; allowing me to see the town and settle my soul into my soles 🙂
I got to finally meet Clint Frakes after months of personal and fun correspondence. It was such a gift to have Clint come into my life these past months and today we visited Oak Creek, Cathedral Rock and also the Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park.
Not only did we spend time in journey, meditation and Mother Earth’s garden I was also introduced to some of the indigenous plants. Arizona Sycamore, Prickly Pear and Desert Barberry resonated strongly with me and will be studied and added to the tool kit.
That’s it for now!
Much love

sedona 10

New hat; essential for Sedona. And if anyone knows a good method for washing the red sand out of your socks please let me know!


Celebrating International Women’s Day

Hello amazing people,

I recorded a little message earlier prompted by what I have been feeling in the energies these past 24 hours.

It is done a little rushed; after a run and before having an epic race to get to work on time!

I hope that my message is clear; it is one to provoke us all to think a while….

To contemplate how we can all be more inclusive in our love for one another, aware of the amazing men in our world as well as our sisters, to acknowledge and celebrate the feminine energy in everything that is living and breathing.

I am also inviting us all to take a moment and reflect about how we can better integrate our masculine and feminine sides into our daily lives moving forwards; into our work and our unique paths.

How can we be a truer example of understanding and patience as we women demonstrate through our feminine essence to men and children how to return to this peaceful inner power.

We ALL have some work to do on letting go of the inner control that we exert in our lives; to love in connection to the feminine is to let things flow graciously according to the will of the universe. To radiate love, patience, acceptance and forgiveness.

We as women now must cast aside the control, measurement, obsessive drive towards perfection and over-analysis and allow there to be a better balance within ourselves of our masculine and feminine energies. Both are needed.


The path to the feminine lies in love, it knows not the constraints of time, there is no measure, it cannot be trapped or controlled; it is an energy in and not of the body. The feminine energy is a love that transcends all judgement and criticism, which is why it is often described as Divine. This energy is love; pure, free and unconditional in her demands…. it is quite simply a living, breathing, being “love”.

balance 4


There was a day when a woman dimmed her inner light to that of a bare flicker, her healing powers to the invisible, her creations to the hidden and she had to show the world a selflessness that led to pain, resentment and depression.

Now we can shine, so brightly as to rekindle this same flame in our men…. Time to lead from heart and let the brain sit back a while…




PS i hope that you like these quotes; they struck a cord with me

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.”
Roman Payne

“I was an adventurer, but she was not an adventuress. She was a ‘wanderess.’ Thus, she didn’t care about money, only experiences – whether they came from wealth or from poverty, it was all the same to her.”
Roman Payne, The Wanderess

“She was a free bird one minute: queen of the world and laughing. The next minute she would be in tears like a porcelain angel, about to teeter, fall and break. She never cried because she was afraid that something ‘would’ happen; she would cry because she feared something that could render the world more beautiful, ‘would not’ happen.”
Roman Payne, The Wanderess

A True Mother: On Breaking the Transgenerational Parenting Cycle

hit my heart 🙂 thank you

A Muddy Life“Shadows of the past churn and turn towards the light asking us to pay attention to unexpected feelings of ambivalence, comparison, and inadequacy in parenting. Unearthing, and addressing these feelings when they arise unwinds shame and is an essential key to healing our transgenerational attachment legacies”
-Dr. Arielle Schwartz

I was not always a gentle parent. Although I believed I was doing what was best for my children, my early days as a mother were a tug of war. I loved my children with all my heart, but my notions of parenting were based on what I knew. Transgenerational parenting, in short, means we parent the way we were parented. And in doing so, we often pass down complex ancestral emotional wounds. We all face the same challenge when we stand before the child-rearing fork in the road. We either follow the well-worn path of legacy or we veer off in a…

View original post 1,060 more words

Love your Body, let go, and see Beautiful

Hello gorgeous people,

I recorded this blog on Sunday; and am only getting it up now several days later.

Life feels full of “feeling” these past weeks; emotions, tiredness, heaviness, memories, a sense of “I’m going to hold on, to what I don’t know, this all feels painful and I want to let go”. A desire that is so strong to let go of everything and yet like a re-birthing the memories and words and emotional scars are coming right through me.

I have become acutely aware of the words in my head that are judgemental, self-critical, and of how I beat myself back into a pathetic small person that is almost apologising for breathing. I am beating myself down and I am watching the nonsense of it all and I know in every part of my being that it is time to let go. I thought i had been doing better than this!!

Everyone is tired; not just me. Every amazing woman that I know seems to be feeling something deep stirring inside and it wants to move right through and out of the body like a shedding of skin. I sense that the tiredness is the holding on to what is no longer purposeful and ways of ‘doing’ what no longer ‘works’. As we fight against what wants to release and block the allowance of all that is new coming our way, we quite simply feel exhausted and STUCK in the middle of the tug of war.

Perhaps it quite simply is time to let go. No ceremony, no need for a moon dance or ritual…. perhaps it is time to just hand this all over now; its purpose is done, the lessons have been learnt, and “you are ready” for what is next: a life filled with love and great adventures.


Are you feeling this unease in your body right now too? It is so hard to describe this feeling.  I want to literally leap out of my body because it doesn’t feel like mine; I have always felt this way. My sensitivity means that often I am feeling the world (others) in my body as well as my journey and story (yep I feel a lot some days and I know I am not the only one, for we are all connected).

If others are feeling this way I just want to share my heart and show you that it is full of love for all my fellow sisters. I would never wish anyone so beautiful as you (yes all of you!) to feel this pain in your hearts. So perhaps in my words you will see the insanity of the battle we wage against ourselves to keep ourselves small. I see it in almost daily, in every client that walks through my door; beautiful women beating themselves back down into small.

The past weeks I have been feeling a bit like I am hanging on to a cliff with my finger nails. Are you doing this too? Feeling like you are holding on to making yourself small, beating yourself down, punishing yourself in your head and playing the old stories that you learnt when you thought you must have been the one that was “wrong” when in fact it was others that couldn’t handle your light and so projected their shit on you.

Did you carry this story as your truth all of your life? Your excuse to stay small? Making sure that you felt broken, never enough for anyone most especially our mothers. Did you internalise all your words as well as the pain sensed from your mother? And every negative emotion that you sensed from others? Was this our excuse?

Was it easier to play small than to be the child that you truly were?  A perfect and beautiful child with special and unique gifts? When you shone did others direct envy and jealousy your way such that you found it easier to doubt yourself and put yourself back into a box? Did you get lost in a battle of two sides between being afraid to excel in life because others held envy against you and on the flip side trying to do things perfectly because you never felt good enough to be loved. 

What did you feel then? Stuck? Confused?
It’s tiring isn’t it? And a tad insane to keep doing this when it clearly isn’t working in our favour when we have this mega sense of purpose and passion brewing up and we keep trying to stuff it all back into the “who me? No I’m small and pathetic box. I’m waiting for someone to give me permission or a signpost from the universe that is so big it smacks me in the face”. If only I sigh; I’m out of patience waiting too!


I have been feeling all of this too. Only my battle now is with my old self and the one that is blossoming. I am afraid to be what I sense I am because a part of me is waiting to feel supported. And yet the only one that can support myself is me; in changing how I view myself and giving myself the permission to be free, I then change everything.

I believe that many women walk a Path that is similar; but different! I see that we often take the path that is more difficult in order to undo the old and then not only heal and grow ,but teach others with the love and compassion gained on this journey. None of us regret the Path to where we are; we just struggle to leave it go. Why?

Seeing yourself and all your scars opens your eyes to see that everyone is astonishingly perfect.

“Every story and experience is one that inspires me.
People ask who is my hero/ heroine; I don’t have ONE…

I have many and they cross my path every day in my clinic and life… normal people… normal people being so brave in a world and life that is not easy.

People like you… is you that inspires.

So why am I (we?) clinging on to the cliff of the pain and past with our finger nails when perhaps the fall is into the bosom of our Mother – our true Mother – that energy of the universe through to the stars and beyond that connects us all in star-dust and blood.

Why do we fear to feel strong?


Have you ever considered that dieting makes you weak, punishing your body makes you weak, negative words make you weak, playing small and being submissive makes you weak, not following your joy makes you weak, putting yourself second / last makes you weak. And I don’t mean physically weak I mean energetically, emotionally, and spiritually weak. There is little left inside; everything feels like a battle then to protect that last bit of light that is inside. Your light, that is waiting to shine!

loving yourself

… are we afraid to be strong from within? Can you get a sense of that inner power that comes right from your core? Deep within? It’s a little scary isn’t it? Because what then?

It is in our nature to be strong.
This strength is in allowing, being, loving, giving, honouring.
It is a silent strength that gives you permission to shine.

What IF we just allowed this strength?

It feels like an unharnessed wild horse and it wants to run, and play, and kick out a little…
and find the herd and run with the herd.

It wants to feel the wind whispering,
the solid ground beneath fast feet,
and strength in every sinew and muscle…. to run free.



I don’t know where my herd is yet; and some days this makes me feel sad in my heart. BUT… I trust in the reasons for this as the universe pushes me a little more to blossom into myself. Perhaps you feel the same; trust that your soul sister supporting family is close by. Feel anticipation of her arrival into your life.

We must be strong now and shun the rules of society that encourage us to clip our wings and doubt ourselves. I mean for god-sake clothes don’t even allow a woman to have a woman’s figure these days, the beauty industry has made cosmetic surgery and botox the norm, we are afraid to leave the house without make-up, etc. It is a nonsensical system based on taking any sort of self-esteem away from women and we not only let it, we get lost in judging oursleves against it! While women the other side of our reality in a world less fortunate struggle just to feed their children, secure work, and afford to buy any clothes at all. What have we let our society degenerate into? But enough of that rant 🙂

“Feck ideals… they are nonsense.
We must be strong and fly in the face of the society that has created all these rules about what is perfect. We can now undo the control (which we launch at ourselves), show the world that beauty is being able to love ourselves and nothing more.

Start to really see the beauty in other women.

We MUST stop the self judgment… Because then we emanate an energy the exact opposite out to other women, when they then too feel safe, nurtured and accepted in our company: TRANSFORMATION is this simple.”

Allow yourself run free now. I too am somewhat afraid of all this energy that is surging through my veins as I let go of what tires me; as I do my best to bravely accept in what wants to come into my life, as well as empowering myself with the very words I gift my clients.

What if  we let ourselves be strong, and then got used to how weird this feels. What would we achieve?

What would we achieve if we embraced our strength?

The whole world around us would change because we would give it permission also to be strong; as well as change how we are seen. We will have support mirrored back; just like the new-found strength that will see us walking tall with our heart energy shining out and our little souls singing.


So, today I am going to be brave;

I am going to let go of how I taught myself to see myself (fat and useless… such a boring story really; no heroism just a sad tale of a light trying to turn herself off).

I am going to connect with you also, today and every day; let’s walk bravely together.

Let’s allow the strength re-ignite within us all.
Let’s allow the cells in our tired bodies permit this energy to flow freely through the whole body and bring her back to health and vitality.
Lets allow the fires of  inspiration, confidence, and loving feminine power shine out….

Let’s shine so brightly that the world takes notes… and smiles back…

Because she’s been waiting for us to remember.

I love you all; let us all together embrace, nurture and support the divine light in every woman. Especially those that don’t understand us and want to knock us back into our small boxes. These are the women that need our love and belief more than ever; even if it is from a distance. We aren’t here to rescue the world if it hurts us.

Let’s hold each and every one of us dear; each and every body precious. The more self-love that you can direct inwards, the more light that shines outwards; and so the healing light shines brighter and brighter.

And if you struggle to love your body on some days, then perhaps take a step back and see that she has never let you down; for all the nasty words we have told ourselves our bodies have continued to breathe and survive. Perhaps when you start to see all that you are and all the you have been gifted; with gratitude for all that you are, you will truly thrive and experience an energy and wellness that you have never known before.

The body is an AMAZING thing. Some days when I am running I ponder how incredible a miracle my body is as I run along and listen to the birds or the movement of water in the rivers and streams and my body is allowing all of this with its gazillion tasks all going on at once; while I am quite simply running. And then today I said to my body:

“Hello body… I am sorry. I speak to you some days so awfully and yet there you are, by my side, never letting me down, housing my soul. What if I connected right back with you and felt strong and allowed this strength to course through my veins”

.... as powerful as the river Shannon I was running beside and yet as subtle as the meandering course she takes back to the ocean. Imagine that power and strength put into the flow of life. And for a moment I sense what it is to be me and alive.

We must allow this sense of life and love to course through our veins once more; however we may choose to feel alive… I think we owe it to ourselves now to do it.