Why Women need a Tribe

Here is a lovely article on upliftconnect about why women need a tribe that is well worth a read; for both women and men.

Friendships in our lives are tremendously important and are defined by a balance of giving and receiving; nurturing and being nurtured.

It is vital for us to examine this balance in our lives as to give too much (have too much taken) will lead to fatigue and/ or feelings of resentment and to take too much may result in a loss of friendships!

Before you decide to make changes in your friendship life however always explore what can be better balanced from your own side. I see so many clients in the clinic that are drained by negative friendships and having experienced this too myself I do recommend taking a good hard look at the balance of your life and when this isn’t nurturing or supporting you, or allowing you to be yourself and grow, then it is time to take leaps of faith to invite new friendships in…

sometimes we grow in our lives and move on… this is ok too.

Wishing you loving friendships and connections in your life and I also wanted to invite in any women close to Limerick and Tipperary area if they are interested in forming a regular meeting and support group to email me on andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com;  I see that there is a great need for more support systems for one another in this crazy busy and often isolated world.

Here again is the link to the article http://upliftconnect.com/why-women-need-a-tribe/

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2 thoughts on “Why Women need a Tribe

  1. If only my life were that simple and this was all I had to worry about. Women for the most part are insecure and need constant reassurance that they are beautiful,pretty,skinny, and in doing so will do what ever the crowd is doing to avoid being the odd ball. If that meant jumping off the roof, or buying swamp real estate in florida, as long a the leader of the pack, insists this is for your better self worth and being. For a group of women, in the “TRIBE”, a word that will provide nothing more than identity, will spend countless waking hours talking about “Feelings”, they wrote a song about that, and relationships, how to manipulate your man into seeing your way, getting in touch, and the list goes on. When all this fails outside the “Tribe” women run crying back to security of the tribal embrace, rinse and repeat. A guys response to all this? You want some ice cream?The game starts in 5 minutes.

    • Yes i dont think it is ever straight forward. I try to remove myself from ‘tribes’ that gossip, complain and indulge in victim thinking. However having a positive group of support is always a good thing. whether is it women or men i aim to surround myself with go getting positive never say never people.

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