The Six Basic Human Needs

I have just finished reading this article written by Clip Richards on and felt compelled to share it on.

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I have read Tony Robbin’s work about these six basic human needs, however sometimes it takes reading them again to remind oneself; perhaps reading them often!

In summary the 6 basic human needs are listed below and I encourage you to not only read the article but to reflect on whether you are meeting your own needs in your life; something that is YOUR responsibility to take care of.

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love & connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

How are you meeting your six human needs? Have a play around with them.

For example I am currently in Sedona, Arizona on day 6 of my stay here. I have been in the USA since the 11th March and every day has been a whirlwind of learning be it at my first 5 day Functional Medicine conference in Phoenix, or the day I spent travelling from Phoenix to Sedona, followed by the 5 days here of guided spiritual retreat. I was scheduled and if i wasnt scheduled I was racing out to locate food and supplies. I now face almost 12 days here in the one place with no strict educational or spiritual commitments; in fact I have an empty diary until April 10th when I am on another course!

So in my first fortnight I had VARIETY and CERTAINTY in the structure but perhaps little by way of LOVE & CONNECTION at the conference (actually I made some fabulous connections which is a rare thing at these events so i felt SAFE there) followed by having love and connection in abundance while surrounded by my retreat guide and team here in Sedona. I think asking the universe to bring amazing people along the journey makes a real and significant difference to the outcome.

Now I face more alone time and to feel balance I must nurture this needs for love and connection. I sure am doing a lot of growth on this trip, and unusually for me I am doing less by way of contribution. This feels odd however I CONTRIBUTE a lot in my daily life and I am under instruction to take a rest and RECEIVE more while i am here… to regain my energy and focus on my GROWTH.

So you see it is always a balancing act. And we must own our responsibility for this; for example I could miss my boyfriend whom I love dearly because we have 6 weeks apart which never happens normally; this could cause me to feel isolated and then lose confidence to reach out and connect. I have a gap of less commitments and I must seek variety and continue my growth or else I will not feel balanced and happy…. sometimes it takes reaching out, pushing ourselves out there and taking a risk to make our lives feel more balanced and our very being sustained by all that causes us to feel alive while also safe.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in the mundane… and that is OUR creation and no one else is to blame. Even a half hour of something done for ourselves that gives VARIETY can be enough.


Enjoy the article,



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