Do as you would have done to others………


A question, we all believe that we teach by example… right?

That we teach children how to behave
by being a good parent/ aunt/ uncle/ teacher/ grandparent?


That we show others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves?

So why then do you speak to yourself internally like your worst enemy
and yet expect people to show kindness?

Wage war against yourself yet also dream of someone finding and loving you?

Why do you punish your body into a desired form and shape doing “exercise” because you dislike the way it is? And then expect the body to be healthy and perfect?


Why do you eat foods because you “should” when on diet XYZ and then expect a good relationship with food to form??

Why do you do things in life that don’t bring you joy because you feel you should and are expected to and and then expect to have a life that feels joyous and complete?

And you do all this against yourself and expect someone to love you for who you are when we you are struggling to even know who you are?


Seems daft to me and yet we ALL do these daft things against ourselvesĀ to some degree until we wake up and realise what a terrible waste of valuable time… time that once it has ticked has GONE…. every day we are dying… start living

What IF you

Eat for joy,
Move for play,
Do for the utter beauty of doing things that you love,
Follow your passions,
See life as a gift each day…

What if you made with all this?
Maybe love will seek you,
Wonderful experiences will unfold around you,
And life will be brimming with a purposeful sense of peace and contentment….

Of course each day wont be without its rain showers…
For that is what waters the flowers…

Grab life… quit the bullshit.



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