Make your Day….

1 Keeper Hill 2

So this morning instead of going for a swim (the should do), I did what I wanted to do, and headed for a hike up the hills.

I normally blog the insights that I receive by hand; but today because perhaps I felt brave, I voice recorded my thoughts as I hiked back down. I apologise for the crunchy footsteps I had no idea that they would be so loud!!

This is my first movie maker so to speak so I did my best to give you some visuals while also keeping them relevant to the scenery that I was seeing from The Step Hill beside Keeper Hill in Tipperary; a lovely place to walk in the peace and quiet. There is a great view over Thomond park also!

I hope this speaks to your heart; I am unsure if it is the cheesiest thing that I have ever done; so feedback about doing more is appreciated (minus the walking perhaps)!



Make your day:
expect nothing,
allow everything


Andrea x

3a Lady bird


Are you Ready to Heal?

Sunset on Chimborazo


Ask yourself these following questions;

  • Do I want to be better?


  • Am I ready to make the most of my life?

Never quit on the belief that a life of joy, health and happiness is possible in your future.

  • Are you ready to be responsible for, and accountable to, your health?

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Souls bound by Love

This poem was written on April 25th, 2014. It is not about anyone and it is about everyone.

It describes loves lost, and lost loves yet to re-find one another in this lifetime.

It speaks of the independent soul, strong enough to wait for that special one, yet lonely waiting for the soul connection. The heart waits to reawaken precious Divine Love.  Only the strongest souls keep searching; because they sense what is ahead. Nothing else feels alive. Yet faith is so hard to keep when there is no evidence. Trust is blind and sometimes the eyes want to see ….

That love is only around the corner, trust in this and know that you both will dance again.

x Andrea

Til we meet again,
I will whisper in the winds.
Touch your face with love,
And feel your beating heart.

I know in my soul
What the mind cannot comprehend.
That you feel this too;
We shall meet again…………

I place my hands often on your heart;
It feels sad and heavy.
I surround you with love;
Love deeper than the oceans blue.

My arms embrace you with Light
As you sleep.
When you are peaceful,
I blow star-dust into your dreams.

Only planets know the depths of my love.
Only stars the timeless duration of our connection.
Only our souls know,
When we shall next dance.



The Love of my Heart

The love of my heart
For you is as certain as the morning bird-song
Sang from the tree tops at dawn
In melodies only hearts know.

The love of my heart
Is as forever
as the blue skies are endless
Touching mountain peaks and into galaxies far.

The love of my heart
beats as surely as my first breath
to last
It is the breath of my life.

The love of my heart
Surrounds you at all times with a rainbow of light
That mingle and dance and paint a tapestry
Of you in my life.

The love of my heart
Holds your heart in mine
All times I am there
Surrounding and loving you.

The love of my heart
Beats strongly for you
Flies with you
Dreams through you

Loves you




Take a moment

Good morning!

So here we go into another week and the world rises from the pillows (the lucky ones) with the dread of a new working week. What a depressing thought!! And if this is how you start your Monday then its only going to get worse, for what we put out there in vibes we tend to get back in abundance as confirmation.

There are three practices in my life that make a whole load of differences. The first (No. 1) is to stop and take a moment. Every morning I load my coffee up, open the doors to the garden, feed the birds, and contemplate the day or think of absolutely nothing (depends on how strong the coffee is!).

Today the garden is brimming with life, the roses are blossoming, the birds are flying by waiting for me to leave so they can descend on the bird feeders and the air is fresh with life. It is Autumn but it feels more alive than Autumn if this makes sense. The world doesn’t feel like it is dying and every day here in Ireland, for more than a week now, we have woken to the sun kissing the brightly coloured tree tops. As sun creatures this past fortnight has been a life saver for the Irish. Everyone is out there smiling. Make time to enjoy it.

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Climb that f*&%ing mountain

Silvermine Mountains, County Tipperary, Ireland. © Robert Thompson

Keeper Hill Mountain, Tipperary

How to heal hurt and pain….you are far stronger than you realise.

Hello amazing souls,

This is a quick post. I am dumping a lot of soul into the unsaid and hope that you can feel in your hearts what I am trying to convey. That said I always seem to write more content than time permits!!

Many of us carry emotional pain.

emotional pain

I wanted to give you a helpful nudge about a quick way to release emotional pain and emotional grief. Many of us, and especially the highly sensitive and empathic persons, have come through life with many scars. Scars that can often lead to us wanting to jump from feeling, and to avoid people and life. Trust is lost in the safety of this world and life becomes about existence and survival.

Avoiding ‘feeling’ and pushing away ‘life’ is not being alive,
Remember your strength and jump back in…Live!

Words, memories, incidents, traumas, negative relationships with family, friends and lovers and many experiences that created hurt have been lodged in the depths of our bodies. Often we dissociate from feeling these emotions, and so in our numbed out state we are oblivious to the energetic memory held in our bodies. For others the past can feel so much more present and impacts daily life. We are still playing the CD record of the past in our minds, bodies, and beliefs. And when the trauma of the past lives on it will impact the present and future.

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