Take a moment

Good morning!

So here we go into another week and the world rises from the pillows (the lucky ones) with the dread of a new working week. What a depressing thought!! And if this is how you start your Monday then its only going to get worse, for what we put out there in vibes we tend to get back in abundance as confirmation.

There are three practices in my life that make a whole load of differences. The first (No. 1) is to stop and take a moment. Every morning I load my coffee up, open the doors to the garden, feed the birds, and contemplate the day or think of absolutely nothing (depends on how strong the coffee is!).

Today the garden is brimming with life, the roses are blossoming, the birds are flying by waiting for me to leave so they can descend on the bird feeders and the air is fresh with life. It is Autumn but it feels more alive than Autumn if this makes sense. The world doesn’t feel like it is dying and every day here in Ireland, for more than a week now, we have woken to the sun kissing the brightly coloured tree tops. As sun creatures this past fortnight has been a life saver for the Irish. Everyone is out there smiling. Make time to enjoy it.

bill cullen

Colour in my parents garden

The world is showing me that it is full of life this morning; with the message to live life. To expect the best in my day and to use the gift of 24 hours that I have been blessed to receive to the full.

Shame; I don’t always start my day this way and it is humbling to remember that we get a blank canvas every day to create colourful memories on. Use them wisely.


So make a moment to focus your mind on the day ahead bringing you positive experiences (No. 2), precious moments, and hold a sense of intrigue over what the universe has in store. I was gently reminded of this as I drew this card from my angel cards: JOY.


You may face some tough situations in your day and we cannot avoid “the real world” however cultivating a sense that you are able to handle anything that comes your way and that you will make the most of it and will smile your way through definitely improves how the day plays out. Worry achieves nothing (but worry).

Finally, No. 3. I actually started my day last night as I hit the pillow and told the world that I was grateful for my day and paused a moment to think about my day today. I asked for positive things, confidence in my choices, clear direction on my career path, focus and motivation for my tasks (accounts, so I really am leaning on the universe for inspiration and motivation!) and for a sprinkle of the unknown because I love an adventure.

Have a precious day my friends

If you don’t think you have a moment,
Make one….

xx Andrea

being spiritual


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