Souls bound by Love

This poem was written on April 25th, 2014. It is not about anyone and it is about everyone.

It describes loves lost, and lost loves yet to re-find one another in this lifetime.

It speaks of the independent soul, strong enough to wait for that special one, yet lonely waiting for the soul connection. The heart waits to reawaken precious Divine Love.  Only the strongest souls keep searching; because they sense what is ahead. Nothing else feels alive. Yet faith is so hard to keep when there is no evidence. Trust is blind and sometimes the eyes want to see ….

That love is only around the corner, trust in this and know that you both will dance again.

x Andrea

Til we meet again,
I will whisper in the winds.
Touch your face with love,
And feel your beating heart.

I know in my soul
What the mind cannot comprehend.
That you feel this too;
We shall meet again…………

I place my hands often on your heart;
It feels sad and heavy.
I surround you with love;
Love deeper than the oceans blue.

My arms embrace you with Light
As you sleep.
When you are peaceful,
I blow star-dust into your dreams.

Only planets know the depths of my love.
Only stars the timeless duration of our connection.
Only our souls know,
When we shall next dance.




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