Have you considered adding sacred rituals to your daily life

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this beautifully written article with you as it is well worth a read. Upliftconnect.com share many beautifully written pieces connecting us with cultures across the globe; I urge you to subscribe to their newsletters.

Our modern world has lost touch with many of the traditional ceremonies and rituals of our past. In Ireland we have almost closed the door on what was the old Ireland in quest of being “just like America”. Really? Do we want to lose all that is so very dear and precious about who we are and where we have travelled from? I say almost because there is a spark of hope and light as increasing numbers connect with the old ways and are coming together once more to learn and grow, share and connect.

Its time to build our tribes once more;
Time for us to reconnect in love and support.
Time for us to open our hearts and arms to one another in a sacred place of comfort, support, respect and compassion.
Time to rebuild communities…..
and put a stop to the disconnect and isolation felt by so many – disconnect that is costing lives.

What has been in recent times isn’t working so let’s make it right by building on the strengths of what was before while making it new…

It is now time to bring back who we are to the fore, restore the old ways and create more time and space in offering thanks and gratitude, connection with our fellow-men, women and children and to be mindful to support to those where we are in a position to give.

Please read the article and let me know your thoughts!

PS for those in the limerick/ Castleconnell/ Annacotty etc. area I am hoping to open my home in Annacotty starting in May to a regular meeting of like minds and to offer a support system to those interested. This is not about being high on the spiritual ladder, or anything with rules and regulations… it is about us meeting in togetherness and support; to share a cup of tea, warm hearts, kind words and provide in equal balance support and thanks. Who’s in? email me on andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com