Climb that f*&%ing mountain

Silvermine Mountains, County Tipperary, Ireland. © Robert Thompson

Keeper Hill Mountain, Tipperary

How to heal hurt and pain….you are far stronger than you realise.

Hello amazing souls,

This is a quick post. I am dumping a lot of soul into the unsaid and hope that you can feel in your hearts what I am trying to convey. That said I always seem to write more content than time permits!!

Many of us carry emotional pain.

emotional pain

I wanted to give you a helpful nudge about a quick way to release emotional pain and emotional grief. Many of us, and especially the highly sensitive and empathic persons, have come through life with many scars. Scars that can often lead to us wanting to jump from feeling, and to avoid people and life. Trust is lost in the safety of this world and life becomes about existence and survival.

Avoiding ‘feeling’ and pushing away ‘life’ is not being alive,
Remember your strength and jump back in…Live!

Words, memories, incidents, traumas, negative relationships with family, friends and lovers and many experiences that created hurt have been lodged in the depths of our bodies. Often we dissociate from feeling these emotions, and so in our numbed out state we are oblivious to the energetic memory held in our bodies. For others the past can feel so much more present and impacts daily life. We are still playing the CD record of the past in our minds, bodies, and beliefs. And when the trauma of the past lives on it will impact the present and future.

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