Love Yourself….

Love Yourself,
Then everything will change.

Forgive the mistakes,
Learn the lesson.

Understand the errors,
Expand from deeper knowing.

See truly within yourself,
And feel compassion.

Liberate yourself from negative thoughts,
Fly free unburdened.


We were meant to learn on our Journey,
To deviate, time to time, from perfect.

To feel anger, hate, jealousy, and shame.
To battle feelings of judgement and blame.

To be afraid, to feel sad, to feel vulnerable,
To flounder from the Path, in order to seek our way back.


Now is the time to grow into the bigger person,
To accept into your heart a deep love and compassion for all that you are.

To see that you always did your best;
And when you didn’t, you strive to do better the next time.

Understand that to err is deeply human;
And to see fellow human beings with empathy requires that you accept that we all stray.

Live with the scars of experience,
Knowing they form the map to your Soul.


Embrace your fears,
They show that you are a survivor.

Love knowing no matter what,
You bared your soul to the world to experience it All.

Reach out and be the first to touch the heart of another,
You are here to change the world.

Love yourself, every single cell and molecule and thought,
And then every choice, result and experience will change….





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