Thriving as a highly sensitive or empathic person in a busy life

Hello everyone,

I wanted to reach out today and say a few words about being a very sensitive or empathic or highly ‘feeling’ person in our day to day busy lives.


I have written extensively about what does it mean to be an empath or highly sensitive person in the past and have provided insights, advice, and tools in many places on this blog; please explore the links at the bottom of this post to read more. I encourage you to take time reading my words in previous articles; It is important that we get to know ourselves, and with this release hurts, scars and pain from our past.

Why? To embrace the present. Although you may be a highly sensitive person that enjoys peace, solitude and calm this does not mean that you may not also wish to experience life to the full and achieve your dreams and desires in work, play, sport, relationships and more.


How to do this when you have a soul that is so sensitive to an excess of noise, people, chaos, light, clutter, energy, emotions and all the subtle vibrations of life that can accumulate in us to a point of absolute overwhelm is where the challenge lies.

But I don’t believe that any of us should close ourselves off to exploration and experiences for fear of “feeling too much” and becoming hyper-stimulated. Quite the contrary.

It is in the challenges that you overcome where you shall find the self belief to explore more. Every time you stretch yourself beyond what you thought was a limit; you break through those perceived walls and grow. It is in facing the challenges thar you find your strengths and with this experiences that bring great joy.

There also comes the giant risk, when you close yourself off from life, of becoming bored, depressed and completely disconnected from the vibes of life that feel like sustenance in our being. As human beings we need challenge and change. As an empath, highly emotional or stimulating environments as well as change can be the source of great anxiety, discomfort and overwhelm; so just like everything it is all about the dose; too much is a poison, just right is a medicine.

The only way you can know your personal limit when it comes to challenging yourself in new environments, with new people, and in more chaotic and stimulating places is to play it by trial and error always allowing yourself a get out, and time for decompression.

So what are you waiting for?

Here are my words today on how I somehow find a balance between needing my ‘me’ time and quiet space and the other side of me that seeks adventure, connection, and excitement.

Personally speaking, it is a delicate balancing act. Because we are not just juggling how to find the best balance in one area of our lives at any one time.

Life is complex and we are all doing our best in the pandemonium of our day-to-day. For example our inner world, relationships, work, sport, family, college or university and so on.

For highly sensitive persons EVERY interaction with another human being is complex; and it doesn’t even have to be in person. Highly sensitive persons are picking up on emotions, thoughts, feelings, and multiple sensory stimuli  from people in each moment. It is a LOT to handle. 

I find that on most days there is something that will tip my balance; its gonna happen at some point! Being so highly sensitive it may be something as simple as the trip to the supermarket or a few words that have been delivered with an energetic belt, that has me in absolute sensory override.

So, with my sensitivity to life and the daily on-goings comes a personal responsibility to find balance. And  also accountability to who I am, so that I can find balance in my relationships. It is not fair on others to be having meltdowns just as much as it is uncomfortable for me to be feeling the way I am.

Just do the best that you can.

Love, Andrea

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Seek and you shall find

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