How to get into your zen…….

Are you afraid that you don’t meet the criteria to achieve spirituality?

Worried that it takes time, money, and effort to achieve peaceful inner-being and connection to source?

tree swing

Spirituality and all things zen seem to be increasingly separatist and elitist or something you have to pay for or be a member of a group or follow a guru….
You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it.   ~Pat Obuchowski

You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it. ~Pat Obuchowski

Whispered dreams by artist Josephine Wall

Might I suggest some simple ways to tap into that state of being and contentment?

Firstly it would be amiss of me to not mention finding
a state of love.
Think of all that you are grateful for
today and in your life.
Watch nature all around you.
Feel the weather.
Feel how amazing it is to be alive right now,
And all that is going on in your body in every second
Feel love….



1 Play with your children; I mean play like you are a kid… Get lost in a child’s mind.


2 Garden, tend to your plants, or sit at one with nature and all its alive stillness.
This plaque was in my Granny Rae's garden

This plaque was in my Granny Rae’s garden

3 Listen to uplifting music.
Call me odd but I love uplifting trance dance music!


4 Be creative – whatever that may be; for me it’s writing and cooking.

5 Play a musical instrument.

6 Get moving in the great outdoors; be it walking, hiking, biking, sailing, running and so on…


7 Spend time really present with your loved one.

8 Spend time with animals.

9 Take a power nap and ask to connect to your inner wisdom.

10 Visit a church; it doesn’t matter what religion it is or you are.
I visited a church last night at 9 pm just for peace and clarity. I’m not strongly religious however churches have calm peaceful loving energy ( wrap warm!)
For those not great at switching off watch an inspiring and uplifting movie.That’s not a stretch too far for any of us!!!





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