Be mindful about judgement

wayne dyer

According to one definition:

to judge is

“to form, give, or have an opinion, or to decide about something or someone, especially after thinking carefully”.

these last words, after thinking carefully are what our society seems to have forgotten, and judgemental opinions fly left, right and centre before we include acceptance, empathy and education into the equation.


We form judgements about ourselves, others, different cultures, different religious beliefs, different ways of doing things, different ways to learn, different ways to live and sexual preferences, different fashion choices and forms of expression, about our governments, celebrities (who really gives a shit), and so the list goes on and on and on.

dont judge me

It seems we want to have an opinion about everything instead of accepting the wonderful cacophony of our world and all the diversity that this brings. Without difference the world would be a very boring place. Without opening our minds to new ways to do, be, live, love, earn money, give gratitude, and express ourselves within our bodies our world would be a very boring place and our minds would be stagnant by the time we reach our teens…. it is good to have variety, contrast, opposition, and to some degree conflict because it should push us to grow as people, and to embrace and accept this amazing and colour-filled world.


I recorded this message this morning to provoke you to gain more awareness about those little judgemental thoughts that rise in our minds and deplete our energy and vitality.

Unfortunately my flow was broken by my alarm and my part II was a dud recording that had to be retaken. So I may have omitted parts of the first take; I apologise.

My wish is that you free your mind up to even more in letting go of the internal and external judgements, comparisons against others, and obsessive competitiveness and instead open your energies to living and experiencing an even fuller and more rewarding, happy and peace-filled life.

Much love;


I see people,
People in all walks of life,
Just doing their best.

What if we saw into the heart beneath the pain,
The fear behind the words,
The vulnerability behind the threat?

What if our compassion gave people the strength,
To let the walls fall?

I do believe our world can be a beautiful place.






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