A message to women….

This message is for the amazing women out there and also speaks to the hearts of all highly sensitive persons.

josephine wall

This message woke me up this morning after I finally got to sleep. My sleep has been very broken of late; it is like I am feeling the energy of the world and it is awake; awake and worrying. So I am awake too; not worrying but just feeling it all. Upon waking this morning I just felt like I should speak not really knowing where it would all go. Please listen and enjoy I believe that this contains important words for you to hear.

and part II

This is me speaking completely from my heart, I am my bare-buff-self in my pyjamas and straight out of bed; and just like any woman this challenges me. It challenges me to be seen as I am.

I am doing this because we must all start supporting one another to be ourselves.

We must no longer recoil in fear of being all that we are, or feel pressure to hide behind a societally dictated façade, or guilt over having desires and personal dreams, or shame over parts of ourselves that burn with a fire and passion.

We must no longer judge ourselves against not only others but against what the media holds as ‘perfect’.

We must no longer see our value and worth in a currency measured up in looks, possessions, clothes, and the dichotomy of modern sexuality and traditional female roles.

naomi wolf

Shed your skin, blossom, grow, and unashamedly walk the path of the true and authentic you. Applaud the successful woman, the one that walks proudly in her confident femininity and softness, the one embracing all that she is with a peaceful and reassuring self-belief. Applaud your sisters and encourage success. Embrace your sisters that need a rest and support and be their belief for a moment until they remember how to find it within.

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city”
Roman Payne, The Wanderess

Be an example of inner strength and hold no shame in being the geek, the nerd, the scientist, the mother, the lover, the home-maker, the business woman, the artist, the day dreamer, the friend, the mother, the athlete, the teacher, the healer…. we are ALL this and more. See yourself as an individual with no identity and multiple different costume changes to be played in on your journey. Shed the belief that you are only one thing when you are all and more.

Start to believe in the you within that simply knows….that doesn’t always have to be doing… the she within that is a piece of the Divine just being…

Confused about who this is? Well you are not alone.

All women are currently involved in a tug of war between soul self and the self that we believe and have been told we should be. Many women feel a fire starting to burn within and it wont be extinguished anymore. It is glowing there within waiting for you to take notice; waiting for you to stop distracting yourself and pay attention to the restlessness within. The restlessness that will only go when you start to make choices (and changes) that bring peace, contentment, and meaning.

So stop a moment, stop with the distractions of diets, and punishment, and negative self-talk, and the should do’s and berations, and inward directed criticisms over not being better or good enough. Let it all go…. and breathe, and quiet and mind, and listen to the heart, and take the next step that feels right, and the next…. and seek support from your fellow sisters.

Feeling excited? You should be

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”
Roman Payne


Love, Andrea

PS my spirit animal the robin, they follow me everywhere and I am finally taking note of what this means for me 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A message to women….

  1. Thanks for another great blog. It amazing how our self image as women has become so unrealistic when the reality is we are all shapes and sizes and being healthy happy and accepting of where we are. This pressure men also have have. Why don’t we just focus on being healthy and who we are indeed. Luckily I embrace my inner nerd and unlike u Andrea you look great in sports gear I’m totally sports red face sweat had to embrace long ago.

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