Breathe in the NOW and let go


Hi Folks,

I wanted to reach out today and say hello with a short message from Hawaii. I sat on Honl’s beach off Ali’i drive this morning for as many hours as it took me to start to let go; and feel my way back into the subtle energies of the world. Here was my beautiful view, stunning eh?

I hope that in my words, there are a many loving nudges for you to accept into your heart space.

Breathe in the Now and let go.


We all control things in life. No matter how far we think we may have journeyed along the path; there is always some more letting go to be done. Maybe allow it to be a fascinating journey into yourself; one with many ah-ha and amusing moments, as well as tears of release mingled into wanting to fight or resist what is for us.

Every time that you are ready, you will let another layer go and reveal more of whom you are to yourself, and to the world.

The world is waiting for you to shine.

We are often quick to notice controlling patterns in others; yet we rarely reflect a moment on where we control things in our own lives. We know the obvious ones; not liking a messy house, being the boss or manager in work (albeit a nice one), making sure that things go our way (in a nice way), being the planner, do’er and coordinator, the carer and minder, the decision maker, and the responsible one.

We most often do, because we can.
Or because we are afraid or unwilling to ask for assistance or inconvenience others.
Or maybe we do,  because we always have.
Or maybe we just don’t like the uncertainty of simply letting things go.

Consider a few of the following:

  • Are you reluctant to take advice from others?
  • Or let go of beliefs and opinions? This crosses many aspects of your lives from work to politics, religion, spirituality, diet, exercise, and even how we should peel a mango.
  • Do you believe that you know better for your kids and even your other half? Because you love them? But what about allowing their journey?
  • Are you determined in your work space that your experience and knowledge is worthy of notice and respect? Or do you spend hours later complaining that everyone takes you for granted?
  • Do you flip into stories of your past and negative experiences as a means to explain, justify, or control the now and who you are?
  • Do you eat, exercise or train to a strict regime? Can you be flexible with this?
  • Can you accept advice and help?
  • Do you battle on with health conditions reluctant to trust in others expertise? Or flit from one professional to another swayed by the latest google search?
  • Do you hold things in? Do you suffer with tension in your body or symptoms in your stomach, chest, shoulders, throat or skin? Or cramping? Insomnia or frequent waking?
  • Can you acknowledge differences of perspective, opinion, or beliefs?
  • Are you comfortable allowing people to do things a different way? Or to learn and experience at their own pace? Or to heal, suffer or grieve as they wish? Are you OK letting people mess up because it may be the right learning for them?
  • Do you form strong opinions of how others should do things or live their lives?
  • Do you have to plan everything? For others also?
  • Do you feel that it all falls on you?
  • I could go on….

Are you open to more?
Being more, experiencing more, seeing more; understanding more?

Can you stop and be still?
Can you let go?

Have you stopped to ponder the deeper and less conscious ways that we control things; the control that can really hurt us and limit our growth and experiences?

How about how much you share, or care, or give or trust

How about your fears?

How about anger, frustration, sadness, and grief?
Who is controlling whom?

What about all the things we do for fear of not being seen or appreciated?

Are you fearful of becoming invisible?

How about how much you love someone?
Do you control love and “never being hurt again”?

How about the walls around you?
The ways that you protect yourself; do they still serve a purpose or are you locked in?

How about how people see you?
Does what other people think matter? Really?
Can you be your bare-butt-naked self?

Letting go is about becoming as comfortable in the background as it is about being comfortable to rise up and be seen.

It’s about not apologising for your voice, or feeling embarrassed to share your skills and more importantly your heart.

Are you afraid of doing new things?

Of being less than perfect?
Of being silly and letting your inner child out to play?
How comfortable do you feel losing?
Can you applaud others and their achievements and encourage them to shine when they most need support?

Can you quit comparing? Yourself to others and others to you?


How much can you fall into the flow of life and trust in yourself always being enough…


These are all forms of control that exhaust us and take away from our breathing in the Now.

Here is my view taken from earlier as I pondered all these questions for myself, and how I belong in the bigger picture.


Much love,



Why a photo of Hawaii’s Yellow Tang fish? Well these little fishies are caught by collectors to sell on to reefs and aquariums around the world. The Hawaiian government is trying to protect the species by implementing restrictions on where they may be caught.

The poor little guys have their freedom stolen and live a life that is far below their potential for experience. They get locked up in confined spaces. Perhaps you should think about how you limit your life experiences? No one wants to live in a fish tank.

Can you see the Yellow Tang beneath the surface?


3 thoughts on “Breathe in the NOW and let go

  1. Thanks for sharing all the pics Wow ….certainly so beautiful and how peaceful for a Meditation!
    Thanks too for the list …..MY SHIT….. At least I have it all listed now, to work through !

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