Write the next chapter…



Do you want your story to stop with the hardship and the excuses and the ‘poor me story’ or to move forward into the chapters detailing the triumph of taking action, the story of trying and then doing, achieving and then succeeding?

We all carry the potential for success, in every part of our lives: work, love, health, relationships, sport, finances, and our own silent personal journey.
Everyone of us has the potential for success….

Life at every corner will present you will opportunities to take a new direction and create something better or will show you the old direction that if you choose, will validate where you wish to stay stuck. For example a change in direction may provide you with the opportunity to eat better and start exercising OR to stay stuck in your illness telling everyone why you cannot eat better or start moving more.

Do you want to live a story explaining why you didn’t?
Or how you did?


You have a choice every day to leave pain behind, to grow through hardship, to expand past negativity and to breathe through fears into a new way of living and being. One where fears no longer bully you into being less than you know deep down you can be.

You are the artist, the musician, and the creator…..

You deserve to achieve what you believe in otherwise it wouldn’t be trying to shine from your heart like an unpolished diamond calling you to action.

There is only ONE way to give up on yourself and that is to stop believing…..or for some to never start.

Action is an expression of your commitment to, and your belief in, your SELF.

The only way to create change is to take charge of your life and start making changes.



We are vulnerable and yet unbreakable.
We can do dumb things and yet our soul is so wise.
We walk asleep, yearning to wake up.
We are all fear-filled and yet still so determined.


Why are we afraid to be all that we are…
like sleeping lions, we are full of paradoxes.

Maybe we could just be for a while and it would feel so much less tiring to simply let life unfold. ….



Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful speech it’s only a few minutes


PS as I am currently in Hawaii, I am sharing a symbol of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known as “Honu,”. Honu symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Turtles can show up as a person’s guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” When lost, turtles are excellent navigators and often find their way home….. just like you always will when you start to reach for positive.




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