Be an example of Peace

Weep for the World - artist Josephine Wall

Weep for the World – artist Josephine Wall

There is so much injustice in the wars raging today and the innocent casualties resulting daily from the conflicts.

There is so little truth told to us watching from afar due to the manipulation of the media and hidden agendas.

We are agitated and angry at injustices, rattled beyond understanding about the innocent lives, the lies, the incessant pain inflicted from one culture on another. How can people justify the loss of life or trade any human life for a Belief or War or any form of Ethnic cleansing? No belief system in my understanding should condemn life…….. No desire to be RIGHT can be justified by death or suffering………

We want justice, we want to shine a light on those doing wrong and fix it.

What if we cannot? What IF shining a light on all that is wrong is perpetuating the problem?

Do we  shine a spotlight on all the problems in Gaza?

Do we throw up in arms at the situation? Do we take to the streets and protest or do we heal this from within by holding a place of love and peace for the situation? Is this sufficiently powerful? Or does pushing against this war hold the problems alive? Can we allow the people to work this through? Are our solutions and opinions for this problem in truth the solutions that will solve the conflicts at the heart of the matter?

Is it our problem to solve and intervene? Is it their problem to solve? Are they capable of solving this situation? Can we create such a powerful belief that the conflicts will solve and thus empower the people to work this out?

We have never managed to resolve the war on war, the war on crime, or the war on drugs by fighting against it throughout our history. When governments have pushed and intervened has far too often been for personal gain, for power, for control, for resources or for financial reasons. The problems will never go away when there is another agenda or we fight against something.

human suffering

Is there another way?

How can we best facilitate peace?

Can we impose long-lasting solutions on others which also enable resolution of the deeper issues at hand between those involved in this conflict?

Or do we look within?

Do we look within and seek to be the best people that we can be and strive to resolve all inner conflicts in the hope that peace within each one of us and those whom we can influence in our lives can have an influence that is far-reaching? 

as above so below

There is a powerful force in being an example of peace in every aspect of our being.

Can we can influence the worlds problems and their finding of solutions by being the best person that we can be and by resolving all conflict, judgement and battles within us and teaching others to do so by our example? I know this sounds feeble but in truth this is far more challenging than it first appears! When was the last time you judged someone else? Hmmmm.

It is not a selfish thing to focus on your happiness and path of peace as it has the power to generate far-reaching ripples.

I don’t have the answers here and I am merely thinking aloud and observing that fighting violence with violence, anger with anger, and punishment with punishment holds no long-lasting peace. I strive for compassion, empathy of others, connection, love and unity among humanity.

Millennium tree by Josephine Wall

Millennium tree by Josephine Wall

It often starts with who we are and how we achieve this NOW within our own Nation. It hurts us more than ever in Ireland to witness strife and violence between cultures, differences of religious beliefs, and wars for land ownership in other countries because the wound hits deep within us given our own history. More than ever this can drive a desire in our hearts for lasting peace. It starts here within us to teach the power of forgiveness, acceptance, and self empowerment.  

It takes understanding that the healing of generational pain is what empowers us as a nation to lead with the example of being the bigger person and as a collective nation…. we must solve OUR conflicts to shine a leading light for others to follow. 

In our continuing along our own path of letting go of the past we can send out an energy of healing into the world for others to follow suit. The science is increasingly documenting the healing power of such actions and the far-reaching influence of these actions…. don’t doubt the power of one person…. it starts within and spreads without.

Can we create a vision of peace and resolution and focus this energy into the people of Palestine and Israel and elsewhere in the world where conflict reigns?

Can we hold a vision for the people to become once more in touch with their hearts and conscience and connect back into the stream of humanity? No person connected to their Source can act in such violent ways or hurt another. A man connected to Source sees the heart of their loved ones in the eyes of every other. To harm another is to harm oneself.  It takes a man removed from his heart to harm another no matter how one may justify the action. No God or Greater Power trades in life to justify a cause.


Can we hold a belief in our hearts that humanity will rise above  self-righteousness and allow differences of beliefs (and colour, and race, and sex) such that it no longer matters what God I, we, you and others believe in so long as I am connected to my heart and Source and understand the true value of every life?

I have to believe that it will all work out and in the meantime focus on what I can change within me, and my surroundings. I choose not to focus my energy in seeing all the faults of the world or getting overly caught up in politics as it paralyses me with sadness and what good am I then? What can I achieve shouting at a television? Many will tell me that I am daft and that we must fight this tooth and nail and I may well come in for criticism in writing this blog. I am allowed my beliefs as are you and all I am doing here is opening up our minds to asking more questions… with which the universe will provide more solutions.

If I may add one observation from this weeks threads on Facebook to stimulate some inner dialogue then consider this: A post was put up discussing the wonderful work done by a Norwegian doctor in the traumatic circumstances in the hospitals in Palestine and almost every person then praised his work using some form of God and Allah…… why? Surely this was a time to honour the incredible heart and actions of this man just as they were?

With Love





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  1. PS I don’t in any way feel qualified to write about Politics; however violence and war hurts my heart so much that I wanted to just express my emotions as I do and that is writing. please do leave your comments…. keeping them as positive as you can given the topic

  2. Reblogged this on Andrea Cullen and commented:

    I don’t in any way feel qualified to write about Politics; however violence and war hurts my heart so much that I wanted to just express my emotions as I do and that is writing. Please do leave your comments…. keeping them as positive as you can given the topic.

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