War hurts my heart…

I sat outside the holiday home
Under the moonlight tonight.
The wind is whipping through the trees fairly dramatically pulling in changeable weather after the hot sunny day. It’s cool on my toasted shoulders.
When you sit still and feel
The wind in the trees and the waves crashing onto the beach
it is hard not to feel part of something truly wondrous.
To feel loved, blessed and so very grateful.
Yet today 4 children were shot in Gaza.
A Malaysian airliner went down killing 290 people – terrorism or military driven.
And I read of a dog hung by his collar from a bridge in the UK.
Every day murders, rape, theft, violence, deceit.I don’t understand this world.How can one not see the beauty in everything around us and not feel grateful?
The preciousness of life; so transient.
How animals and nature supports us in every moment.
How are people so blind?
Blind to hurtful words and actions?

Even those of us who think we are doing better wash suds down the sink and dispose of the undisposible in the trash can where it sits in landfills longer than a lifetime.
Toxic products, chemicals, words – our planet had had enough.

I feel sad – I can do so much more.
I feel so small.
My heart so overwhelmed.

Yet all it takes is small steps; small steps every day in every way that one can.

A heart fire fuelling the vision of a better world.
Belief in arms dropping their weapons and instead embracing loved ones.
Sectarian and religious violence questioning why did it all begin? Why does it continue?
Man against man, man against woman, man against child. How?
What are we fighting for?
To see that every death is a death of person, a soul, one of our own….
Belief that the day will come when a man sees the soul in the eyes of his enemy
and just sees a man…

Soul to soul there should never be war.

What if…..

Each of us truly lead by example to the best of our ability.
Being mindful of all judgement, all thoughts of better than,
all comparisons,  religious dogma, and belief systems.
To think before we make assumptions, criticisms and speak cruel words…

What if…..
WE become accountable in every action and inaction.
To the max of our skills
and teach our children and parents to see all as one
to see every person as here trying to live life to the best of their capacity
and that it is ok to be different and to have different beliefs

Such is the colour of life and the path

What if…..

We promise to give our all?
Surely this matters?
And that being pure love in thought and deed,
And forgiving and moving forward,
Can start a revolution of actions and solutions………..

Josephine Wall artist

Love Andrea



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