Baby Steps my Friend….

baby steps 2

By Andrea Cullen


Baby Steps ….


Take gentle steps my Dear,
When the giant leaps
Surround your heart with fear.


The days it feels too much
And no one is there to hold your heart safe
Remember that you ARE love.
No Question; you are PURE love.


So thread softly, gently, sweetly, my Dear.



Share your smile.
Set out to find laughter in your day and
Feel intrigued at who the universe
Will connect you to today.
What animals will greet your path.
What trees will wind whisper gentle nudges of
encouragement and wisdom,
What corners will trap the warm sun’s rays.


Pay attention!


Do a good deed and watch them multiply.
Feel your heart; it’s huge right?!
What you give will return one-thousand-fold.




Trust in this space;
The universe is plotting your love story.
Your Path of Greatness.
A trail that only you can mark out
With all that you are.


So trust my Dear
That you are held safe.
And one gentle footstep forward today
May be just the perfect distance for Your Journey.


Maybe tomorrow or next week is the Day for dramatic leaps….


Who knows?


Even super heroes take days off.







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