My promise to my love

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When we fall in love with someone we want to protect our loved one from harm and never ever let them experience pain again. However to do so is to stifle their own path and growth. So in light of all this and my thoughts around how it is that to love is to empower; I put my thoughts into a pen and paper and allowed them to flow.

As is typical for me, this contemplation is an extension of my own life; with the desire to help all to trust in love and life and the beautiful flow of the universe as she supports you on your journey.

My promise to my love:

My love, you have shown me the depths of my heart;
where infinite love is.
I have experienced the true vulnerability that is to allow pure love to flow:
To be love.
I promise to allow this love,
for love can never hurt me when it flows through me.

I have seen the language of your soul,
in your touch and how you hold me.
There are no words in any language that can do the souls language of love justice. I promise to listen to your soul whispers;
and ask no questions about their truth.

I have experienced our energies connect,
They ebb and flow like the tides; with certainty.
And as assured as the moon rises and the sun sets
our connection will be ever-present.
I promise to honour our individualities.
For in every moment away there is a return to.

I have tasted your desire to love, support, and protect me.
This love, that of a man embracing his love for a woman with all vulnerability
is a love perhaps stronger than any woman can comprehend.
I like many women walk in fear of losing our feminine empowerment.
I promise to walk my path with you by my side, comfortable in who I am.
True to myself, while honouring us.

cherokee proverb a womans highest calling

I have seen two powerful soul stars collide.
Two beautiful hearts filled with love, passion, and a sense of purpose….
Everywhere we walk, everyone we touch can change in the presence of this love.
I promise to walk the honourable path, to remember my purpose,
to live in gratitude, to hold pure intention.
And to be humble in the presence of the Divine Universal energy that is love
as she flows through me.

I am learning what it is to have a man desire to walk by my side.
A man who loves me for the me I don’t always see.
A man who showed me that it is ok to let love in.
A man who supports a vision sometimes bigger than I know.
A man who chooses to allow me to grow and expand,
and also to stumble, fall, and get back up.
I promise you all this and more.

When the stars lined up to bring us together,
she was manifesting a knowing deep in my inner being.
That I was searching for you is truth,
That I felt you out there is certain.
I knew you long before we met, many times.
I also know that the Universe has a plan far smarter than us.

My Darling I promise to be there for you as long
as I make your heart skip with joy,
your eyes fill bright with happiness,
your mornings awaken with passion,
your sunsets fade with content,
your heart glow warm for mankind,
and your eyes close at night feeling safe and loved.

I promise to fly by your side for the duration of our journey,
However far this may be.
And to be love all around you to infinity….

I honour the experience that is your path. I honour that you will make decisions that feel right for you and may not for me.

I embrace our pasts and how they formed us in our light and in our fears; I surrender to the now.

I honour that you seek experience and growth and that only you know the path that feels right for you and the choices that hold meaning and direction for you.

As much as we are pure love combined we are each individuals on a journey to learn, experience, and grow in life.

I honour this in you, I support you. …
I will always let you fly free and hope you return.

I may not always understand you, I promise to accept this.

To love and be love is easy, however I will do my absolute best to love you unconditionally.

I am not perfect, I will fall; many times, I will speak when it is not wanted, and be silent when all you need is to hear my voice, and hurt when it is not intended, and want to run when I am feeling more than I can cope with.

So I promise to never let a sun set without holding you dear in my heart and gently in my arms…


Thank you for finding me, behind the walls of pain, hurt and fear.
For allowing them to safely crumble
just enough for me to grow and expand while they fell.
For showing me a new experience;
giving me time when I needed it and encouragement when it helped.
Know that I am here for you also, always, silently.

To allow vulnerability is strength.
To ask for the smallest of heart reassurance is beautiful.
And to hold your woman tight because you want to let go and be held tight
is precious beyond words.
To love is a balance of strength and vulnerability

I promise to let our love grow.

Love, Andrea

“To let go often is to feel lost; to be lost is where you find yourself… 
Let go, find yourself and your infinite potential” – Andrea Cullen.


“Allow yourself to experience what it is to learn step by step the freedom that comes from being unattached to the outcome, but operating from an empowered heart” – Gary Zukav.



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