beautiful eyes

Your eyes show me your soul,
And tell me a tale of your journey.
I honour you in this fleeting moment.
I see the warrior on a path,
That only you can know where from and to.


I catch a glimpse of you,
And it is breath-taking for me to feel the presence of you.
To sense a part of you
And feel the timelessness of your lifetimes.
And wonder
‘Who is the All of You?’

You are the Time Traveller
The all knoweth yet forgotten.
You carry scars and wounds on your heart,
Although your skin may be unbroken like a baby’s.
There is something more behind your smile,
Oft buried in the solo flight of this existence.

spirit of flight

Occasionally I see your time-line fly by,
If your soul so wants to share.
If she speaks in the language of symbols
That my humble mind can translate.
If only you knew the full wisdom of your knowing.
Maybe you do…… it dances into consciousness in your dream-state.

Stop a moment.
Breathe into your cells.
Sense the All and One that you are.
For the pure in heart shall receive the gifts of the universe.
Where this lifetime and all become One;
And One and All are Love.





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