Coffee in Autumn

This was inspired while enjoying two wonderful days at The Coach House in Butlerstown, Co. Waterford. This is the most magical Bed and Breakfast that I have ever stayed in. I will be back Des!

Here is the link if you feel adventurous for a getaway, or desire for peace and quiet

Here are some photos taken of the kitchen garden

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Coffee in Autumn

By Andrea Cullen

My Heart sings with joy
As I watch the sun burst rays
on Summers’ last rose.

Autumn dew and Summer birdsong
melange in that surreal dance of
Summer dusk and Autumn dawn.

The swallows dart high and low in country lanes;
they will fly away and return once more.
A reminder of dreams deep in my heart.

I feel filled with Gaia’s loving embrace,
and Her never-failing sustenance.
Endless nudges that all is well;
She is conspiring with me.

Great dreams were inspired this Summer
In the energy of Ireland’s lands.
Deep healing in her womb woke memories of time.
It is healed, forgiven; a nations consciousness awakening.

Walk with me Great one and All.
Whisper guidance in Poplar’s dancing leaves.
Hold me steadfast on my Path,
Pure in my heart,
And joyful in my steps.

Allow me to see all preciousness in each moment,
And feel gratitude in my heart every night as I journey into dream world.
The gift in each moment is a treasure
I cherish.

Thank you

Gardens The Coach House. 12

Here are some more photos taken of The coach House at Butlerstown, Co. Waterford. The trees are magical as is the old original coach house.


Love, Andrea

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