Love is a Dance of Communication and Compassion

josephine wall the dance of love

I wanted to share my thoughts and an article on arguments and bumpy spots in relationships that I came across today. There is a lot of helpful and insightful advice in this article that is worth considering if you value and respect your relationships.

Life is all about relationships and connections; partners, family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers. Every person we touch off in life is an opportunity for growth, expansion, experience, and learning and it all boils down to communication.

There is something fragile that connects us all….
A tender bond that should be nourished and treasured.

I see you; I hear you.


I am writing this at Christmas time; a time that can be emotional for many of us. We are surrounded by people and loved ones, and for many of us it can be  raw as well as a fun-filled, laughter-filled celebration. Often the pains of the past can spring up and trigger us in ways that can be a surprise that we weren’t ready for. Allow the feelings; be gentle with yourself. Be mindful of others and aware that they may be dealing with ‘stuff’ stuff also. See purely, accept, and love unconditionally….
Everyone deals with emotions differently. It is important to not inflict hurt on one another and to try somehow to put yourself in the others’ shoes and see things from both perspectives.

I mean really try to see things from both sides even when it may seem like the other doesn’t.

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