Find your truth within

Hi everybody,

A quick check in from Sedona with some words that hopefully hit the hearts where it is needed most.

Oh and i saw my first live roadrunner bird today!!


PS the feature image is of an Indian paintbrush flower. A beautiful flower whose energy I am planning on adding into a healing energy essence before I leave. She is all about letting down walls, the ones that we used to protect ourselves with and now feeling safe to express the inner joy-filled child.


Much Love,



Why Women need a Tribe

Here is a lovely article on upliftconnect about why women need a tribe that is well worth a read; for both women and men.

Friendships in our lives are tremendously important and are defined by a balance of giving and receiving; nurturing and being nurtured.

It is vital for us to examine this balance in our lives as to give too much (have too much taken) will lead to fatigue and/ or feelings of resentment and to take too much may result in a loss of friendships!

Before you decide to make changes in your friendship life however always explore what can be better balanced from your own side. I see so many clients in the clinic that are drained by negative friendships and having experienced this too myself I do recommend taking a good hard look at the balance of your life and when this isn’t nurturing or supporting you, or allowing you to be yourself and grow, then it is time to take leaps of faith to invite new friendships in…

sometimes we grow in our lives and move on… this is ok too.

Wishing you loving friendships and connections in your life and I also wanted to invite in any women close to Limerick and Tipperary area if they are interested in forming a regular meeting and support group to email me on;  I see that there is a great need for more support systems for one another in this crazy busy and often isolated world.

Here again is the link to the article

Much love,


The Six Basic Human Needs

I have just finished reading this article written by Clip Richards on and felt compelled to share it on.

Please click the link to read more:

I have read Tony Robbin’s work about these six basic human needs, however sometimes it takes reading them again to remind oneself; perhaps reading them often!

In summary the 6 basic human needs are listed below and I encourage you to not only read the article but to reflect on whether you are meeting your own needs in your life; something that is YOUR responsibility to take care of.

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love & connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

How are you meeting your six human needs? Have a play around with them.

For example I am currently in Sedona, Arizona on day 6 of my stay here. I have been in the USA since the 11th March and every day has been a whirlwind of learning be it at my first 5 day Functional Medicine conference in Phoenix, or the day I spent travelling from Phoenix to Sedona, followed by the 5 days here of guided spiritual retreat. I was scheduled and if i wasnt scheduled I was racing out to locate food and supplies. I now face almost 12 days here in the one place with no strict educational or spiritual commitments; in fact I have an empty diary until April 10th when I am on another course!

So in my first fortnight I had VARIETY and CERTAINTY in the structure but perhaps little by way of LOVE & CONNECTION at the conference (actually I made some fabulous connections which is a rare thing at these events so i felt SAFE there) followed by having love and connection in abundance while surrounded by my retreat guide and team here in Sedona. I think asking the universe to bring amazing people along the journey makes a real and significant difference to the outcome.

Now I face more alone time and to feel balance I must nurture this needs for love and connection. I sure am doing a lot of growth on this trip, and unusually for me I am doing less by way of contribution. This feels odd however I CONTRIBUTE a lot in my daily life and I am under instruction to take a rest and RECEIVE more while i am here… to regain my energy and focus on my GROWTH.

So you see it is always a balancing act. And we must own our responsibility for this; for example I could miss my boyfriend whom I love dearly because we have 6 weeks apart which never happens normally; this could cause me to feel isolated and then lose confidence to reach out and connect. I have a gap of less commitments and I must seek variety and continue my growth or else I will not feel balanced and happy…. sometimes it takes reaching out, pushing ourselves out there and taking a risk to make our lives feel more balanced and our very being sustained by all that causes us to feel alive while also safe.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in the mundane… and that is OUR creation and no one else is to blame. Even a half hour of something done for ourselves that gives VARIETY can be enough.


Enjoy the article,


A True Mother: On Breaking the Transgenerational Parenting Cycle

hit my heart 🙂 thank you

A Muddy Life“Shadows of the past churn and turn towards the light asking us to pay attention to unexpected feelings of ambivalence, comparison, and inadequacy in parenting. Unearthing, and addressing these feelings when they arise unwinds shame and is an essential key to healing our transgenerational attachment legacies”
-Dr. Arielle Schwartz

I was not always a gentle parent. Although I believed I was doing what was best for my children, my early days as a mother were a tug of war. I loved my children with all my heart, but my notions of parenting were based on what I knew. Transgenerational parenting, in short, means we parent the way we were parented. And in doing so, we often pass down complex ancestral emotional wounds. We all face the same challenge when we stand before the child-rearing fork in the road. We either follow the well-worn path of legacy or we veer off in a…

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I continually invest in my education…

Some adventures ahead 🙂

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions

More adventures to the USA………


I have a few beliefs in life; ok a lot! When it comes to education, however, I believe that if I am to help my clients to the best of my ability then I must do two things:

  1. Education: to continually strive to be as educated as I can, in as many topics as I can practically consume;  from health, medicine and wellbeing; to fitness, mobility and all topics related to movement;  to psychology, life and spirituality; food, cooking, and our ancestral relationship to foods; to mother earth, her plants, animals and energies; and finally to energy medicine and the whole realm of the invisible, unknown, and astonishing powers of healing, intuition, conscious beliefs and inner self-healing.
  2. Integration: to combine almost 20 years of medical, nutritional, and functional diagnostics experience with my 40 years of life (some hard knocks as well as eye-opening intuitive skills) into a skill mix that delivers practical…

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Heart Hologramming who you are

Commit to this healing practice for a time and watch your life change for the better

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions

Here is a nice article written by the HeartMath Institute; worth a read if healing, health, contentment, and abundance is something you are chasing in your life.

Click the link here to read more:

Much love



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Take a few minutes to reflect ….

Please take a moment to reflect on Christmas and New years and what they mean to you and how I set goals from the heart

Andrea Cullen Health Solutions

Take a few minutes to reflect this Christmas and New year…. make it meaningful


Hi Folks,

There were just too many thoughts flying around my head this morning to share with you all, so I did the quickest thing and got them down in a video. I am not a fan of the old here I am look at me 🙂 and the video clearly agreed with a cut off after a few minutes!!

So here is a short video message from me reflecting on Christmas and goal setting for the New Year followed by a mash-up on voice recording to complete the message.

Please do take the time to ponder what Christmas means for you, how to be present in all the chaos, and take time to be mindful of your New Years goals.

Please enjoy and add comments about your own goals and desires. Lets make them happen in…

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You must first search to FIND,
Look out to see with-IN,
Lose something to gain EVERYTHING,
Know emptiness to truly LOVE,


We must feel doubt to know CERTAINTY,
Be at war within to know the meaning of  PEACE,
Give it all to RECEIVE,
and expect NOTHING while being a part of EVERYTHING.


These may be difficult times my friend,
when we only see the rain.
But when you piece together all the glorious moments,
Then… you will know we are a piece of the DIVINE.


Love, Andrea


Make your Day….

1 Keeper Hill 2

So this morning instead of going for a swim (the should do), I did what I wanted to do, and headed for a hike up the hills.

I normally blog the insights that I receive by hand; but today because perhaps I felt brave, I voice recorded my thoughts as I hiked back down. I apologise for the crunchy footsteps I had no idea that they would be so loud!!

This is my first movie maker so to speak so I did my best to give you some visuals while also keeping them relevant to the scenery that I was seeing from The Step Hill beside Keeper Hill in Tipperary; a lovely place to walk in the peace and quiet. There is a great view over Thomond park also!

I hope this speaks to your heart; I am unsure if it is the cheesiest thing that I have ever done; so feedback about doing more is appreciated (minus the walking perhaps)!



Make your day:
expect nothing,
allow everything


Andrea x

3a Lady bird

Applaud your competition…


It perplexes me how so many are consumed by tearing down their opponents in life and obsessed by what the competition are doing…. choosing to analyse, judge and critique their every movement. If you could hear how this sounds, the negativity, judgement, jealousy and envy; it is not one bit attractive nor does it inspire me to choose you over them.


Furthermore I have a belief that we get what we focus on so to engage my mind on diminishing others and seeing their flaws does not feel like the correct way to sow seeds of positivity in my life.


Why not choose instead of build yourself up, to focus all your energy on serving to the best of your ability in whatever career sector that may be.

rivals branson

To let your high standards, morals, and ethics be what grows your business and allow your results to be the word of mouth and marketing that grows your reputation and business.


Surround yourself by those better than you and applaud their success all the while learning from them. Some people say keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I say feck your enemies why give them air time; keep your friends close and your role models even closer!

I learnt throughout my career journey that there will be many vultures that will tear you apart and try to bad mouth your name. It used to upset me deeply as I worked incredibly hard with hours and hours of work and study in the background of my work; never mind the financial investment to learn all that I have learnt, and the time spent connecting with researchers and colleagues across the globe. I put in endless hours late into the night on each and every client in a quest to give all I have to support their journey back to health. These hours were not paid for; I was simply doing what felt right. I was beaten down by the medical profession more times than I can count. And yet I am from this very background as a pharmacist.


And then I realised that the best thing was to not take it to heart and to focus my energy on what I was doing instead of worrying about what others thought. And to not hold one ounce of energy against them for that is their path and their issues; not mine.

I believed in my work, my morals and ethics in life and business, and more importantly I knew that my actions and results would speak for themselves. To keep me grounded I always remind myself that I am only as good as the last client I have worked with. Shouting loud about what may have been in my past is completely irrelevant to the person that I am working with right now; all that matters is them; and rightly so.

So I say to you find the good in all your competitors and those winning in life; observe and applaud what drives them, what defines them and what makes them good in business and extract the positives into your own business approach…. see the good and you will discover more of it showing up in your own life.


Love, Andrea