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Musings on being aware: February 23rd 2015

So as I meditated last night before I slept I got the very strong message that this COULD be a challenging week if we take things to heart and personally, or are not aware of the energies around us.

For some reason and whatever is in the air, planets and cosmos at the current time (who knows and you don’t need to worry too much about the whys other than making ‘feeling happy in your day’ your goal) this could be a week when people prefer to blame those around them rather than go in and address what is within them.


For example I get blame chucked at me all the time when people aren’t ready to heal (i.e. don’t want to make changes, don’t want to be well, don’t want to follow the programme through; get caught up in how much it costs to get better. But sometimes too I am just not the right ‘fit’ for them and I don’t get it right all the time either but I do give my all and best), trainers will get blamed when people don’t get skinny/ big/ lean, doctors when they don’t heal people, shop assistants will get all the shit of the day thrown at them from angry customers, someone gets blamed for bad traffic, bad weather, bad news and yadadada….

It is NOT always someone else’s fault; take a look inside and watch your perceptions, reactions and choices!

Now before this sounds harsh, bear in mind that our day is dictated by how we react to everything around us. So if someone is getting into a ditz and shoving blame at you; let it flow right through you and see past the drama rather than taking it on board. As best you can avoid reacting and this includes no longer taking the story and spinning it in your head endlessly for hours (how many of us take one small drama and then talk about it all day?). The less you react then the more swiftly the situation will diffuse.

Try to see the world purely again, like through the eyes of a baby.
See the person behind the drama,
The heart and soul behind the behaviour,
Clear your judgment and preconceptions.

Feel their soul,
Acknowledge the shoes they walk in…
Their path to NOW,
See ‘THEM’ – a fellow traveller in this crazy world.

Be compassionate.
Release judgement,
Forgive yourself….

beautiful eyes

If you notice yourself lashing out and playing the blame or judgement game rather than beat yourself up; observe this, look within, and ask what’s really going on and why. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that just like everyone else you are doing your best.

And remember that judgment can sneak into the day in small ways; for example you may be getting annoyed because you always have to load the dishwasher/ wash the dishes/ make the bed (yup all that stuff that doesn’t REALLY matter in the grand scheme of things). Are you forever pointing out your partner, parents, or children’s flaws (that long conversation in your head where you decide to notice every small imperfection and annoying trait), do you feel sorry for yourself (victim), do you notice, criticize and talk about every weakness and flaw in your work colleagues or professional acquaintances? Do you engage in gossip fests? I think that gossip fests are one of the most negative practices that we can unwittingly engage in!

This is YOUR life; your Trumann show. No one else is responsible or can influence our day as we can.

What you focus on grows, and also the vibe that you attune to draws more onto you….. Fall into negativity and it has a habit of following you around. Judge others and you may invite a whole load back; engage in gossip and you include yourself in the invitation…..but also you have fallen into that vibe and it doesn’t feel all that good.

Who are you kidding?


Remember that everything that is going on without and within is connected so if this is the general vibe then we too can fall into the patterns played by those around us if we are not aware. Have you ever noticed yourself behave in a way or react in a way that didn’t feel like you?

Only Spock is immune to the drama…


Did you ever think that you may just have tuned into what is going on in the world today and felt it all through you? Many people are far more empathic than they realise. This is why the radio and media can have such a profound negative impact on our emotions and the way our day goes and more worryingly how we view ourselves (feeling fat today? did you just read a women’s mag? haha men too!).

So many times I watch those that listen to the news first thing in the day start the day in one goddamn awful mood… and no wonder; what a shit fest of bad news controlling our emotional reactions!

Ever considered what your children are being influenced by?


It may take a little effort at times and an awareness of how we have slipped into negativity to recognise what has just happened. And often this awareness may only arise at the end of a long and tough day. However don’t beat up on yourself; often the first time that you pause for thoughts in your day is when your head hits the pillow or after too many emotions roll up into a giant emotional avalanche.

I recommend taking time outs during the day to catch up with yourself and bring you back to the present. Practices like mini-meditations, deep breathing, mindfulness exercises, stepping outside, STOPPING for a moment and noticing what’s around you and what’s going on within you, a powerwalk at lunch, a run or gym session, feeding the birds or stopping to notice the morning and evening birdsong chorus; burning aromatherapy oils or incense in your workspace, healing gemstones, an audio book in the car and so on can all help to bring you back to NOW. There is sound advice in “take time to smell the flowers” too; just noticing Mother Nature’s colour spectrum and survival skills is a wondrous thing!

Would you notice this flower on your way to wherever…


The most powerful grounder however is doing something nice for another.
This advert is so lovely:

As best you can spin all that’s going on around you into a positive; see the strengths in your loved ones, be the example of the one that doesn’t judge and gossip; keep positive in your own little mind; smile. Notice all the small and wonderful gifts in the day; be GRATEFUL.

Get up and do something great this week folks starting today… follow your gut, pay attention, be kind to those around you, be led from your heart, be gentle with yourself and mostly start today loving yourself and the awesome person that you are.


If something is coming up for you that you sense is blocking you; then lovingly let it go. If this feels too much then consider some loving nudges of support from whatever works best for you:

talking; exercise; meditation; yoga; energy healing with a trusted therapist; aromatherapy; acupuncture; homeopathy; healing plant essences or herbs (I have several that I have made for clients should you be interested); physical therapies like osteopathy, chiropractor, massage, reflexology; and so on. These all facilitate the body to release; choose what draws you. Don’t think about it all too much!

The answer is always to ramp up the love…. for self, for others and for this crazy technicolour world that is giving us one hell of an experiential ride.

You do make a difference in our world.
You have a special gift that serves humanity,
You are a small but significant part of the giant jigsaw.

No matter how small you may feel your part;
You are here for a reason.


Have a wonderful week.

Loving you all,

Josephone wall dont quite your daydream

Josephine Wall – Don’t quite your daydream

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