You can reach every corner of the world with your Heart….


I was out doing a long bike training session this weekend and as I cycled past many streams and also our beautiful yet moody looking cloud covered Lough Derg a thought hit me about the power we each hold in our hearts to reach every corner of the world with healing love:

I thought about every small tiny water droplet in the flow of moving water and pondered how each one comes together with countless others to make our oceans, seas, lakes and streams. I pondered the enormity of how every single drop of water in the ocean makes an ocean and how each is magical. No one droplet is more important than the other or comes from somewhere more special than another.

water droplets flower

Each drop travels from clouds and sky to mountain tops, streams, lakes, puddles, rivers and eventually back to the oceans; this cycle has continued for billions of years and will continue indefinitely. Nothing man created could ever achieve this perfection and consistency.

I considered how some drops of water make their way into our food as the component holding life source; be it plant, flower, bird, or animal. And as the food and drink that we consume some water droplets become a very part of our living being; human life is 70% plus water.

Water is the medium of life, it permits chemical reactions to occur, it carries information, it holds the vibration of all thoughts and energy, it records the memory of time in our cells and in the right light the whole colour spectrum shines through. Each rainbow a giant reflection of within each droplet and a reminder of waters magical powers for we can never touch a rainbow.

Each and every water droplet trusts in its magical purpose and just flows.
Let nature teach us her lessons in the smallest of daily observations…

touching water

If you want to send healing love into the world, then the next time you stand by the shore of a stream or lake or with your toes in the sand by the giant ocean touch the water. Touch the water with your heart and send love into her molecules. Send your heart and fill the water with your light; and know it will reach all corners of our world.

That is how much power you have in your heart… and it is the power to reach millions.

Love, Andrea


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