We are all here on a mission………..


art by Josephine Wall

art by Josephine Wall

We all have a Path, a Purpose, and a Place here. No ONE SOUL is more or less than another; better or worse…

And although at times we may struggle to know what this Path and Purpose is, and get impatient along the way, and more often than not can feel a whole lot lost; this Path and Purpose is something that we all sense and with a little trust we do find our way.

The journey was never meant to be simple for in the times that we seem to err and stray we often have our greatest moments of learning. Often it takes falling off the Path to realise that we were actually on one.

The Path is the Journey;
the destination is the Experience.


Behaviour and actions however can be very much in opposition to our true Soul and Heart’s desires and for most of us, that are doing the best we can to be honest and honourable people, it can be so very challenging to comprehend why some people can behave the way they do when all sorts of terrible things happen in our World.

This then creates separation; especially when different societies, religions and cultures have different “rules”. What if acceptance of ALL is the solution?

I often struggle to understand the bad things that happen in life and yet I do see that within each person is a light; I guess some people have come so far from who they are that they have forgotten and that is the sad thing. And us being only human well we can become less tolerant of the colour spectrum of personalities walking our world. 

The only way I can make peace in my mind with the chaos of trying to understand life is that life will restore balance to our world somehow. It’s not my job to change people. It is my job to be a kind person; that follows through in my words and actions.


I believe that the more we can see the good in someone then the more likely it is to shine through; everyone deserves a chance and someone to believe in them…..

Perhaps that is called HOPE; or being over-optimistic!

Without hope and faith in a bigger picture and something Divine in everything then the world would seem too daft a place for me to even want to be here.

no one born hating mandela

And when it all gets too much? Well Mother Nature is the place that we can all go, reflect a little and remember that there is goodness in our world.

Don’t give up Faith and Hope; far better be the person smiling and being an example than the one criticising, judging and tearing people’s character apart….

love, Andrea


My fab family; I love them dearly.


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