We are all here together………….




The past weeks have been a tricky one for all I sense. Even my most positive and bright nature was tested and I struggled to maintain my good vibes on occasion with a strong feeling that the world felt “all wrong”.

So if you felt out of whack, like you didn’t want to be here, and locked into a negative spiral in your head, know that you were not alone. Also please know that feeling like this is not because you haven’t cleared karmic trash, or cleansed your body and soul sufficiently, or done sufficient mantras….. perhaps you just felt like this because you were feeling things as they were: a world in chaos and confusion as she figures it all out, a weather system doing its best to cleanse Mother Earth, and conflicts clashing to bring solutions to the fore.

And then the sun came out once more and the energies shifted….


The Path of each one of us is not something to judge; but one to navigate as best we can. And once we are doing the best that we can; then know that the tough days too will pass. Perhaps you are feeling this way for a reason and it is ok to not know that reason right now.

Patience is a gift that comes from having to find it!

One thing that does stand to mind of late is just how much conflict we ourselves create in this world. If we could remove the borders and differences in colour, language, religion and spiritual beliefs…. what would be left?
A community of the most amazing gifted and special people……

I had a day last week when I broke down in tears at the dinner table saying to my boyfriend that I thought that I was about to have a mental breakdown. Everything was rushing at me; energy from the world and everything it contained in both the positive and the negative. I felt utterly overwhelmed, completely exhausted, deeply emotional over the pain of the world that I was feeling, and helpless against it.

And this is the word that means the most; I felt helpless in my sensitivity.

A Victim, and our world needs no more victims.

Thankfully I was not reminded of this fact while I was in that hole of self-pity and overwhelm (he knows better!) and I came to realise this subsequently in my own time in personal reflection. I was thankfully loved and supported and reminded that it was not me that I was feeling. I was ok and I was safe. These words soothed me and blunted the racing confusion in my mind.

So I thought long and hard about why I was feeling as I was, and reached out to my beautiful cousin Vikki as more often than not we feel the world and its events similarly and I wanted to hug her dearly with words of support and love from afar.

The result of our chat was that if we feel this pain from the world then it is not a weakness but a strength; and that we hold an ability to use this information that we are sensing to help heal. How we can do this is with love and positivity and to believe that the world and her people can heal.

The intention of loving thoughts and the vibration and resonance of heart energy does make a difference.
Everything in this world is a vibrational energy and just as a tuning fork sings with resonance when it is struck against a surface so too can we impact many people with our own hearts resonance.


So I did what I know best and I went to the water’s edge and prayed in my own, non-structured and heart-centered way. My prayer was simple:

I prayed that people remember their strength and courage and know that all is well. I prayed that Mother Earth who was whipping us around with wind and rain would cleanse our earth as she was trying so hard to do;
and that as the sun sank and the moon rose peace would fall into the dreams of all those sleeping around the world and with the dawn would rise a new day where everyone felt stronger.

Do my prayers make a difference? I felt good like a weight had lifted off me. And if everyone at that moment in time remembered that connecting to their hearts leads to feeling good; well then a massive shift is possible. Sometimes it takes the intention of one to create a healing resonance in others….Its that simple. Believe in your ability….

Worlds End, Castleconnell

Worlds End, Castleconnell

So it’s up to us to grow up and be the bigger person.

I believe that until the world stops blaming others then there can be no lasting and honest peace; and this includes each and every one of us.

Religion, politics, the government, spiritual communities, different races and cultures, different sexual orientation and beliefs about this; where we create separation more often than not we cast blame.

And even if you have this nailed consider how we may create these divisions of separation in so many other areas of our lives? We hold on to multiple belief systems and within each we cast a dividing line called US and THEM and then we wage war because well doesn’t someone have to be right?

We may have beliefs about medicine, holistic medicine, diet, fashion, systems of education, how to rear and discipline our children, veganism Vs. meat-eating, vaccination Vs. non vaccination, Anti GMOs Vs Pro GMOs, banking and financial structures, organisations and corporations, pharmaceuticals and our medical system, organic Vs. non-organic, how we should conform to society, what way we should give birth… the lists go on and on and on. Right down to the petty argument over how to do a 3-point turn.

Where we have an opinion and emotions connected to a belief system we then have an ability to hang on to being right and someone else being wrong…..

How about just allowing everyone to have their own belief systems (so long as these create no harm). And to feel no need or desire to change anyone due to our own beliefs….
If we just accepted the spectrum of everyone and saw that we are all here just doing our best and none of us are perfect…nor should we be for what is perfect only something lifeless without the vast experience that comes from making mistakes…


Our personal choices resonate far and wide; be mindful of your thoughts and aware of your words, and reflective on your judgements.

When we strive to be accountable to living our lives to the best we can according to what feels right in our every day; then things around us can start to change and only then….no one is going to fix it….


We live on an Earth that is so beautiful it tests the greatest poets to adequately describe, we have more than an abundance between us all; where people don’t have opportunity we have an ability to give opportunity and all it truly takes is being truly grateful for all that we have and letting go into living and connecting with all that surrounds us and doing what is right.

Ponder that…
Love Andrea

PS here are some lovely clips that always inspire me when I listen. The first is Michael Jackson’s Earth Song and the second Man in the Mirror. I believe Michael was a man who saw things a different way, he was way ahead of his time and his sensitive soul couldn’t take “being” here anymore. I am sad that no one saw how this gentle heart needed help before it was too late:


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