Applaud your competition…


It perplexes me how so many are consumed by tearing down their opponents in life and obsessed by what the competition are doing…. choosing to analyse, judge and critique their every movement. If you could hear how this sounds, the negativity, judgement, jealousy and envy; it is not one bit attractive nor does it inspire me to choose you over them.


Furthermore I have a belief that we get what we focus on so to engage my mind on diminishing others and seeing their flaws does not feel like the correct way to sow seeds of positivity in my life.


Why not choose instead of build yourself up, to focus all your energy on serving to the best of your ability in whatever career sector that may be.

rivals branson

To let your high standards, morals, and ethics be what grows your business and allow your results to be the word of mouth and marketing that grows your reputation and business.


Surround yourself by those better than you and applaud their success all the while learning from them. Some people say keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I say feck your enemies why give them air time; keep your friends close and your role models even closer!

I learnt throughout my career journey that there will be many vultures that will tear you apart and try to bad mouth your name. It used to upset me deeply as I worked incredibly hard with hours and hours of work and study in the background of my work; never mind the financial investment to learn all that I have learnt, and the time spent connecting with researchers and colleagues across the globe. I put in endless hours late into the night on each and every client in a quest to give all I have to support their journey back to health. These hours were not paid for; I was simply doing what felt right. I was beaten down by the medical profession more times than I can count. And yet I am from this very background as a pharmacist.


And then I realised that the best thing was to not take it to heart and to focus my energy on what I was doing instead of worrying about what others thought. And to not hold one ounce of energy against them for that is their path and their issues; not mine.

I believed in my work, my morals and ethics in life and business, and more importantly I knew that my actions and results would speak for themselves. To keep me grounded I always remind myself that I am only as good as the last client I have worked with. Shouting loud about what may have been in my past is completely irrelevant to the person that I am working with right now; all that matters is them; and rightly so.

So I say to you find the good in all your competitors and those winning in life; observe and applaud what drives them, what defines them and what makes them good in business and extract the positives into your own business approach…. see the good and you will discover more of it showing up in your own life.


Love, Andrea


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