A Healing Prayer for Ireland

A Healing Prayer for Ireland

Notes from a meditation on the full moon of Friday 13th June 2014 at the Shanballeyedmond Court Cairn (tomb), near Rearcross, Co. Tipperary. This court cairn predates Newgrange by 1000 years and dates back to approximately 3500 BC. I sat in the central chamber.

court cairn 4

Entrance into the central chambers

I pray for an awakening within the Irish people
A quiet internal revolution
A remembering, a knowing, a quiet determined resolution – of conflict and control

I place my energy on the third eye of humanity
Such that she sees the Path with clarity.

Let the old knowledge return
And the people reclaim the ancient inner wisdom of our beautiful isle and her people
To show the way to other nations.

Let the people return ‘home’ – the souls that left.
Know that the physical body may not be Irish – welcome these wise souls home
Welcome their return to the healing bosom of our breathtakingly beautiful emerald isle.

I pray the people release our ancestral pain, anger, blame, and victimhood.
And the belief that someone out there is going to be the revolution for us.
I pray we remember our strength
Our ability to self-heal, to forgive the trauma, release the pain, set free all victim thinking
And renew vows set to ourselves of freedom, truth, brotherhood, accountability, and love.

Let the Irish light shine so bright
Her star reaches our fathers afar.

Remember Dear ones.

Let the farmers remember old ways
Let our lands bear the fruits of sustainability.

Let the shepherd once more tend his herds
Let us remember the language of the wild beasts and birds
And in our actions nurture those animals reliant on us.

Healers wake up; heal our people.
Let us push out the pharmaceutical companies poisoning our soil; the life line of our food and bread of our people.
Let the streams flow with fresh water and provide healing in our cells.
There is no need for medication in our veins – let the healers remember their gifts.

Teachers awaken your voice and lead our future generations with ancient knowledge and modern sills.
Scholars teach the finances of true sustainability that pours from our lands.
Let us return to a knowing that sees no value on ‘money’ and a true value on exchange.

Philosophers, poets, and bards loosen your tongue – remember and speak of our history, write of our riches and pour love and empowerment into your poems.
Speak of times gone by to shake us alive – the times when we were a nation of knowledge and wealth; a time before we lost our self and with this our self-belief.
Pour this passion into a knowing that rekindles our hearts.

Astrologers and architects, stone masons and those gifted in physical creation and divine geometry inspiration
come forth and rebuild our country.
And restore our ability to tap solar conscience and nature vibrations into our daily lives.

Governments see clearly – embrace new ways and remove us from beliefs of dependency on the EU.
We must grow up and do it once more for ourselves.
Cut the ties of connection, dependence or disharmony with Great Britain and the USA.
Puppets no more. 

As I lay my hands on these ancient stones I pray:

For our people to wake from the slumber of self-suppression
For quiet minds to welcome a return to knowing
For peaceful certainty in the path and purpose
For forgiveness to unleash accountability and responsibility
For courage and wisdom to know right from wrong
And above all I pray for peace and love

Let our country be the change – our world not only seeks, but supports.

I pray and for your love I am eternally grateful.

To the fathers that speak from other realms, in gratitude I thank you for your patience, your love and your Divine presence in my life.

Here are some of my own shots taken around the time of the previous two full moons, September 8, 2014 and August 10th, 2014.



Court cairn

Andrea at the site; covered up to stop the midgets biting!


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